Oregon 2010-Day Eight and Nine

Up early to pack up our stuff, clean up the cabins, clean the meeting hall and start packing the van. We stopped for a quick breakfast before loading the vans and heading for Portland. It was tough to say goodbye to our Oregon friends. The youth were sad to see our group go as I think they loved having a big youth group to hang out with for a few days. We pray we have showed them how a youth group can support one another, find fun things to do, hold each other accountable...all the things we pray will help this group through their high school years! Our group is tired. Our group is weary from an incredible week of work. BUT, our group is pumped about spending the day in Portland. Evan and the sponsors tried our best to fit as much as we could into this day! It took about 2 hours to drive to Portland. First stop, Portland Saturday Market.

The market was filled with food booths, craft booths selling about everything you could think of. There was live music...and some very interesting characters! Larry and I basically ate our way through the market, well at least Larry did! He tried all sorts of food...though I completely forgot to take pictures! Here is a little of what all we saw at the market.

We then walked 10 blocks to Powell's Bookstore which takes up a complete city block. "I love me a good bookstore"!!! It was a little overwhelming as we only had 1 1/2 hours and so I basically spent the whole time looking in the children's section, journals and cards, etc. We walked back to the train and rode it back to where we parked the vans. Next stop: Multnomah Falls...to get there we went on the Columbia River highway...AMAZING!!! This falls is the 2nd tallest in the nation! It was so beautiful. Several opted for staying at the base of the falls, drink something warm and another group decided to see how far we could hike in our alloted time. I went with this group. We knew there was a good chance we wouldn't have time to go all the way to the top, but we decided to at least take in the views for as long as we could! It was such a fun group to hike with and the views...well they were amazing! We had such a fun time and it was so refreshing to be in the cool Oregon air and take in all the beauty that this state holds! God really outdid himself in Oregon! :) Here are only a few of a LOT of pictures I took on the hike. Larry wasn't feel well so he opted for the hot beverage and chair with a view!

After an amazing few hours at the Falls we returned to Portland for supper. We stopped at a shopping area near our hotel and let everyone just grab something that sounded good to them. Larry and I were VERY disappointed as we really had hoped for one more meal that included fish!! It was kind of a bummer but when you are traveling with this many you don't always get what you want! :) After dinner, I walked around the outdoor mall area, which was beautiful and green and had these lovely hydrangeas growing like this in EVERY flowerbed. I want my flowerbeds to look like this! :) At this point of the trip I just got teary eyed. I am not ready to leave, I want so badly to have a few extra days to explore this state with my hubby. We are tired, ready to see our family but at the same time I wish so badly we could see more of this lovely state and spend a little more time with Steve, Belinda and Gloria. I will miss my new friends!

We checked into our hotel and poor Larry went straight for bed, he feels so rotten! We had our closing devo in Kathi and Odies Wright's room so the next few hours were spent together sharing, praying, singing and expressing our gratitude for a trip well done! Our students have amazed me! We NEVER had one problem with them, they were such a delight to work with. We had no trouble falling into our beds and everyone rested really well. We got up early, ate breakfast in the Hotel and packed up and headed for the airport. We had just enough time after checking in to browse through a few shops, pick up a sandwich to eat on the plane and board our plane for home. We arrived at DFW at 4:30 where we were met at the curb by our church bus. The first thing that hit us all...THE HEAT! Ugh. We left upper 40's this morning and were met with a balmy 100 degrees! Ugh. We drove straight to Hillcrest where parents had fixed us supper and were anxiously awaiting to hug on their kids and hear the many stories we had to share! It was a late night and once our heads finally hit the pillow...our very own pillows...we both slept like logs! Larry and I would LOVE to go back to Oregon and spend some time seeing more of this lovely state. It was another huge blessing to be asked to serve as sponsors for this trip and it was a huge honor to work along beside them! We pray that God will be glorified! Blessing to our new friends in Tri-City and may God shower blessings on their work in this community!


Ashley said...

I've loved all your trip posts. Such a good way to journal your trip! :)
Can't wait to be home tomorrow!!!

karen said...

dear mary kay,
you have woven your story about oregon in such a beautiful way with your words, feelings, and pictures! your words have made an impact on me, and your work has certainly glorified GOD! thank you, dear friend, for using your talents and time to bless others!
p.s. your pictures were amazing! such beautiful depths of color.

Kim W. said...

I have so enjoyed reading about your days in Oregon. Hearing it from your perspective was great! What a great work yall did up there. And I LOVED all your pictures! It truly is a beautiful part of the country. Really glad yall got a chance to experience it.

Kim W. said...

Oh, and by the way, did it take you anytime at all to figure out that both Portland and Eugene are like mini-Austin's!? :) Ha!