When love grows...

This is how it started out...with a first look at a new cousin...not sure what to think but totally intrigued!

To Owen wanting to help with everything...and being so attentive!

To Will giving "Baby Emma Gwace" (As Will always says) some sweet sugars.

To Clay asking "Aunt Allie, can I hold her??" When Emma was one day old, the boys were taking turns holding Emma. She got a bit fussy in Owen's arms, but then when Clay had his turn, Emma quieted right down. SO...he always reminds us that "she no cries for me!"

Owen always wants to know if there are "new" Emma stories, he loves to hear what she is doing and always gets so tickled at her "new tricks".
Will on the other hand, always wants to know where Baby Emma Gwace is. It doesn't matter where we go, he will always ask me if she is coming. So precious.
Clay is so tender and loving with her. When I got to looking at pictures, I was so touched by ALL the pictures I have of Clay and Emma. He takes in every little detail of her. Helps get her bow on straight for the pictures. Gets right in her face and talks very gently to her and gives her kisses, and lets her sit with him while he watches Monster Trucks! Here are just a few of many pictures I have of just how sweet he is with her.

My heart is so full of love for these four little ones. They are all so different and each day I see their little personalities blossoming! God has been so faithful to us and has blessed us beyond measure with these four. I pray that I can be a "Honey" to them that will show God's love in all that I do, teach them in my words and actions about God and his amazing plan for our lives.


Ashley said...

So so precious!! I already am in love with watching these four together & can't wait for all the fun they will have in the years to come!

Kim W. said...

Love what you wrote at the end, and from an outsider looking in, I believe you are doing just that! :) Your family is very lucky to have you, and I truly feel so fortunate that our crew can call you Bud and Honey as well. :) We feel VERY, VERY special and are thankful for the love you show our family.` ;)

karen said...

you are the ultimate HONEY in all aspects of that word; sweet and full of goodness. i love seeing the bonds of cousins deepening with each day. you are truly blessed with overflowing love!