Family Fun on July 4th Weekend

Our favorite sparklers...Owen, Emma, Clay and Will

July 4th has always been a fun holiday for this family. When our kids were little, my Mom would always have a get together at their house. They lived in the country with lots of room to play! One activity we had was the "annual" parade of bicycles, wagons or basically anything on wheels. The kids would decorate their choice of transportation and drive around while we would wave and cheer! It was our little parade! Then we would eat and watch the Abilene fireworks. I have such sweet memories of homemade ice cream, watermelon slices and ALWAYS my Mom's good cooking! She would always have either sparklers or poppers for the kids! It is my desire to also give my grandkids sweet memories of such an important holiday! After all, we should daily celebrate the country we live in...is it perfect...by no means but I often take for granted our freedom! I am so very thankful for all the men and women who serve us daily so that we may enjoy this freedom!

Our neighborhood has been having a parade for over 10 year. Once we had grands we began to participate. Actually, before we had grands, Ashley was asked to walk in the parade dressed in her AHS Champ outfit. Fun times! The parade has become quite the event for Owen, Clay and Will. You would think it was the Macy's parade, it is serious business! I love it! They plan out how they will decorate their bikes and this year, they are decorated the wagon for Emma's mode of transportation. I love how the neighborhood is so supportive and it is really for the kids! Here are some pictures of our boys and girl!Will and Emma sweetly waiting for the fun to begin!
Sweet Clay is ready for this parade to start!
Owen and his new bike
Zach, Meg and the 4 excited little ones
David, Ashley and the 4 cousins

Saturday morning, EARLY, Meg ran a 1/2 marathon around ACU, so we went up and encouraged her and even took turns running with her on her last lap or two. It was so fun to see her reach a goal she has been working long and hard for. She did great and we are super proud of her!

We also had a family cook-out on Saturday evening at the house. We tried to have lots of activities for the little ones as well as the big ones! We had lots of good food and the backyard all decorated! The kids did get to play for about an hour in the pools and slide but right as we were saying our prayer to eat...the thunder and rain came! We all quickly ran inside and grabbed what we could! Thankfully the food was set up in the kitchen, so we just quickly set some tables and we were back in business! We had a full house but lots of fun! I could not have done it without my sweet families help this year! Thank you all from the bottom from my heart for helping in the kitchen!

The only downside of the night was my sweet sister in law, fell as she was leaving and really suffered a severe ankle sprain. We were thankful that after a trip to the ER it was determined it wasn't broken! We love you Carolyn and hope you heal quickly!!

Sunday was another full day of fun. We of course enjoyed having David, Ashley and Emma with us at church. Afterwards, we met up with Zach, Meg, Owen, Clay and Will at Perini's for lunch! Yummy! It was really a late Father's Day lunch, it was so fun and the food was great...thanks kids!! Sunday afternoon, we took it easy, did a lot of playing with Emma and just vegging. Then Sunday night, Zach and his family joined us for Brisket sandwiches and more fun family times! Zach and his crew headed to a local firework show later in the evening while David and Ashley headed out for a "movie date" while Bud and Honey kept little Emma! We had a good time watching her enjoy her bath time and enjoyed some bedtime books before tucking her into bed. She is so good about going to bed!

We were so glad that David had off on Monday, so they were able to stay until after lunch! The last treat of the weekend, was a trip to Tuscola to Lucy's for a yummy burger! This place has become one of this families favorite little burger joints! It was the prefect little meal to top off a perfect weekend! We of course loved all the family time! It is so fun to watch these little ones growing up and oh my, they are growing too fast! Okay, so to end, I will just share a few of hundreds of pictures we snapped this weekend! What can I say, we love these kids!!


emily said...

oh my goodness!! We want to come to Abilene for the 4th!!! Sounds like an amazing weekend! Great pics, Meg is a total stud & you will have to make sure we experience Lucy's if we ever get down your way!

karen said...

you defintely had a GRAND fourth! and four grands for the holiday weekend! fun times!