A very busy week...

We arrived home from Oregon on Sunday night, June 20th, as always, we had lots of things that needed our attention so Monday morning we started bright and early getting back to work! However, a very good thing that happened on Monday, Ashley and Emma came in! Yahoo. We were so excited to see ALL our kids and grandkids so this day was filled with many wonderful hugs and kisses from all the crew! Ashley and Emma came on Monday because Zach and Meg were having Clay's 4th birthday party...at our house that evening. Ashley was a huge help to me during the day and also in getting things ready for the party! Zach and Meg came in the afternoon while the boys were napping at home with Dawna and Gibby watching over them and we begin to set up the yard for the party. It was a Pirate themed party so there were water elements plus buried treasures in the sandbox. As always, Meg did a great job on all the decorations and it was tons of fun. There were 13 kids plus 16 adults! Meg really does have a knack for making everything look so cute. Here is one of the elements I thought was so adorable! I am afraid I was so busy that I got very few pictures but here are a couple of the kids enjoying the water slid and pools.

We set up one pool for the two babies...Emma and Jolee Kate Watson, they were so cute and had such fun splashing and watching the big kids!

Tuesday, Ashley, Emma and I enjoyed a couple of hours here at home to visit and let Emma get a good morning nap before going to watch Owen and Clay at their swimming lessons. They are doing such a great job and Lynn and Sherri Luttrell are amazing teachers! That make being in the water so fun and relaxed! Everyone came back to the house and we fixed lunch and visited. The afternoon was full of playing and then Ashley, Emma and I took Larry to Lucy's for a late Father's Day supper. YUMMY! It was Ashley's first taste of a Lucy's burger...I see more in her future! :)
Wednesday: Ashley, Emma and I ran a few errands before picking up lunch for Meg, the boys and us and meeting at my dear friend, Karen, lovely pool for an afternoon of swimming fun! It was so cute to see the boys swim and Emma already LOVES the water. Karen was so very sweet to open up her yard to us and it was such a huge summer treat! (You will have to check Ashley's blog as I never got my camera out of my bag! :)
We went to church that evening and a dear friend, Carol, presented Emma and Ashley with a quilt she made for Emma. It is adorable pink, green, black and white! So cute Carol, thank you so much!! and even had time for a Cajun Cone! (I admit, I fed Emma a tiny bit...and I think she approved!!!)

Thursday: Ashley, Emma and I left early this morning for Fort Worth for a very exciting day! We are going to meet Emmett, Emily's new baby boy...well he is 5 months old...but our first time to touch and see him! We have waited for this day and it was such a fun day!! The Trice family are very dear to us! Emily and Emmett came to town while Dave is out of the country on a business trip. We spent the day oohhing and aahhing over Emmett and Emma. Emily saw Emma when she was about 1 month old so of course she has changed a little as well! It was fun for Pam and I to watch our two daughters as mothers. Motherhood has brought the two of them to a new place in their "sisterhood". It is so wonderful to know that Emily and Ashley have such a special relationship and will have children the same age. The day flew by and we said our goodbyes around suppertime. We drove home and Emma's daddy was anxiously awaiting to see his two girls! Once again, I do not have pictures...I was snapping them with all day, but I was using Ashley's camera! So, I will try to update this as soon as I get my hands on some!

Friday: Ashley, Emma and I hung around the house during the morning and then we got out around lunch and ran to a few stores that had opened in downtown Mansfield. Then home for Emma to get a nap before we drove to Fort Worth to meet up with the Trices, Emily, Emmett and Larry! After supper and goodbyes, we drove back to Ashley and David's and spent the night with them. We enjoyed playing with Emma before bedtime and then again on Saturday morning. She is delightful! We enjoyed a tasty breakfast at a local diner before heading out. We have several stops to make and just took our time shopping and stopped for a early supper before heading home. It was a nice drive, lots of quiet time to catch up on thoughts of the trip and all the activities that are coming up in the next few weeks around here! This has been such a busy summer so far! But we are loving all the sweet times we have been so blessed to have! I will leave you a few pictures of Emma, it was fun to just lay on the blanket and play with her! I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of those thighs! She fills her little leggings quite well!

Check out those eyelashes!!!


Ashley said...

yea!! it was such a fun week & so glad we got to come & stay for a few days! :)

karen said...

i was very blessed to be a part of that week. it was so much fun to have y'all be here to swim. i hope we can do lots more this summer!