Where's Emma??

Emma is into playing peek-a-boo these days and I LOVE how she does it! She puts those chunky little hands or arms over her eyes in the cutest fashion! Then she will begin to lower her hand or arm and you will see this little slit of an eye...before the big reveal! It is so cute. We were recently driving to Lucy's for lunch and I was sitting in the back with her so I caught it with my camera!

Another sweet thing she does, that I want to journal so I will remember is when she gets sleepy and she isn't where they can put her in her bed, she will cover her face with a blanket...and go to sleep! It is so sweet! So again, I caught the action in the car. So precious!
Those those eyelashes!!

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Ashley said...

LOVE these pictures! I need to get them on my computer!
Love you & thanks for posting them!