A very fun...but very busy weekend!

As I mentioned in my last entry, Zach and Meg celebrated their 10th anniversary! To celebrate, they took an overnight trip to Fort Worth to just get away and have some quiet time as a couple! Lord knows they need that every now and then...because those boys keep you hopping and it is my guess it is very difficult to finish a thought...or a conversation! I remember...we have been there before!

So, on Friday morning, they dropped three precious little guys off at our house and headed out of town! It was so cute, because the boys could not get them back in the car quick enough. Zach said when Owen got up on Friday morning and started saying his goodbyes! When Clay went to bed on Thursday night, he announced it was "Only One More Sleep before the boys go to Bud and Honey's" AND "Mom and Dad aren't invited!!" :) Oh I remember it so well, the kids and I would run by my Mom's house to visit and Zach would tell me to "go somewhere...go run some errands". Nothing like feeling the love! :)

So, we quickly gave them their Anniversary Gift, take a few quick pictures and they headed out.

The anniversary couple!

What the the couple has been up to the last 10 years! :)

We decided to just stay home and let the boys play! Larry had some work related errands to run, so Will wanted to go along. Clay and Owen and I sat in the floor for the first two hours playing Lego's. Then we put up their water slide and filled up the pool, ate some lunch and then let the boys play in the water for about an hour before we dried off, came in and rested for a bit. After their naps, we went back outside to play in the water and help Bud in the shop until supper time! It was Pizza night! After dinner we played several board games before picking out books to read. That is a tradition. We all pile up on our bed and read books. We tucked them into beds...and didn't hear a word! They were pooped!

Saturday morning, they were up by 6:30, so the fun started early! :) Larry watched a cartoon with them while I cooked up some breakfast. After breakfast, we all got our "work clothes" on and went outside to help Bud do some clean up in the shop. The boys LOVE working in the shop with Larry! Owen and Clay both made snowboards! Yes, I realize it isn't the season for a snowboard, but Owen had seen a video about snowboarding recently and has been dying to make one! So, he went right to work on one and then of course Clay wanted one as well. They are so creative!! They wanted to paint them and so several hours later, they were strapped to their boards hopping around the backyard, so proud of their latest inventions! I think if it were winter and they had some snow...they probably would have figured out a way to make those things work! By that time, we were all hot and so they changed into their swimsuits and hit the slide and pool once again.
Two hours later, I brought out lunch for them and after lunch we stripped them down and they took a quick bath in their pool! Lets just say...boys will be boys!

We went inside for rest time and then got them dressed to go out to Larry's parents house for a cook-out. Zach showed up to pick the boys out and we all drove out to Hawley. It was a good weekend, though we were reminded why God gives children to young people! :) I had some really cute videos I had planned to post, but I can't get it to work, so this may be it for today!

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