Oregon 2010-Day Seven

After a short nights sleep, we woke up early to a beautiful morning! I love this weather, we have enjoyed days in the low 70's and the nights in the high 40's. Ahh. My kind of weather! We have yet to see rain. Our Oregon friends are loving it though as much as I love to hear and watch the rain, I wouldn't mind a little shower! But the good thing about no rain, all our outdoor activities have been accomplished! Larry, Gloria and I enjoyed a few cups of coffee in the mess hall before taking a long walk on the beach...one good reason for getting up so early! It was so peaceful and we so enjoyed this time with Gloria. She is an amazing lady and loves working with the youth at Tri-City. We took our coffee cups and enjoyed a nice long walk along the beach before breakfast! A memory I will long remember! Gloria and me...what a way to start the morning!
I think we could get use to having our coffee this way!
We walked back up to the mess hall and enjoyed a hot breakfast with our group. Everyone is looking forward to this day! The day was filled with games, devos, small groups, lunch, another session with Evan and Kory speaking, small groups and then a few free hours to play Ultimate Frisbee, play and explore the beach, dig in the sand, look for shells, rest...whatever! Larry and I started by taking a very LONG walk down the beach. It was so fun to look for shells, talk, take in the view...even sit on a piece of driftwood and just relax!

Larry went back to the cabin for a nap while Gloria and I sat on the beach and talked for an hour or so. She is delightful! Then we cleaned up for supper and more evening activities, including seeing an amazing sunset!! It was amazing, I will share a couple of dozens of pictures I took! :)

It was a very fun evening, complete with another bonfire devo, s'mores and time to share as a group about the ways we saw God this week! Another midnight curfew and a few hours sleep! I think Larry and I were both feeling our age...we need more sleep than this!! :)


Tara said...

Looks like so much fun!

Kim W. said...

GREAT PICTURES! Love them all. Brings back many memories of my growing up years. I have been in some of those exact places along the coast. Crazy! It sure is beautiful. So glad yall had such a great time, and met some new friends. That is neat. I bet I would know a few of the people at the TCCofC; my dad would for sure. He said a lot of the people have left Garden Valley CofC there in Roseburg (where my dad was raised), and started attending at TC. Sounds like a great church! Anyhow, what a blessing yall were to that ministry, and what a blessing you are to so many in general! We love yall!