Little moments that end up being so fun...

I never want to take for granted how very blessed we are to have kids and grandkids in town. I think that has been on my heart so much more since Emma was born. We work very hard to see our "Mansfield Family" on a very regular basis, but of course, I miss the spontaneous get-togethers. Just like yesterday, we met Zach, Meg and the boys for a quick sandwich at Subway. The boys are always so fun and full of chatter and it just reminded me how I love watching them grow, change and hear of their day to day activities. I pray that one day soon, maybe God will open a door for David, Ashley and Emma to live closer...I know...I have it so much better than so many grandparents...but I can always pray big!!!!!!! Our kids have amazed us with their parenting skills! It is so fun to watch them. We pray daily for "our" kids...for patience, for wisdom, for guidance and for endurance as they raise their children. We also pray for these grandchildren. We pray for the parents out there that are raising someone that will be their spouse someday. We pray that Owen, Clay, Will and Emma will become men and women of God. It is so fun to watch them grow up (though it is happening way to fast!!!) and I want to cherish each and every moment in my heart!
Since we are talking of grandchildren...maybe I will just close with showing you a few pictures of them...after all, I wouldn't be a good "Honey" if I didn't share a few pictures!
When someone this cute is shooting you with a watergun, you don't even care!
Owen on his bunk at Knight Camp
Detective Clay...what big eyes you have!
Clay's blue eyes...melt Honey's heart!
Will has a million expressions...this is his serious look!
Will's charming look! He is a little ham in front of the camera!
Our sweet little Emma all ready for church!
This picture shows all of Emma's little rolls that I love to kiss on!!!


Wendi said...

So fun!! I hope David and Ashley can get to Abilene sometime, too. Our relationships with our moms is so great.. I love sharing that part of my friendship with Ashley.

Ashley said...

We miss those little moments too, but like you so thankful for the ones we get! :) Love you!

Kim W. said...

Yes, you are indeed, richly blessed to have Z and M and the boys in town. I know they appreciate the help and example, as well. :) And I can understand praying that your "Mansfield Crew" manages to relocate out here one day. Aaron and I actually already talk about "what if our kids move away!?" Ha! He said we'd have little vacation homes in each town! Oh boy...what the sons and daughter in laws will think of that is another story! :) Ha! Loved your pictures, and just had to note, that YES, Clay's eyes are some of the pretties eyes I have ever seen. Personally, while we are on that subject of "praying for future mates," I think I've said it once before, but I'll go ahead and say it again, I think Clay and Jolee Kate would be a FABULOUS match! Just saying... ;)