Red, White and Blue Fun!

What a fun, treat filled weekend! David and Ashley invited both sets of parents to come for the weekend! We had so much fun! David and Ashley really outdid themselves! Talk about hostesses with the mostesses! They had everything fixed so festive and the food was ALL amazing! We had the "chore" of watching Emma while they cooked! Yahoo for that job! We had so much fun playing with her and then eating food! We ate the entire weekend! It was so delicious! They tried out several new recipes and we will all fix them again! It was so fun to be with David's parents, Joe and Patti. We are SO SO SO blessed. Our daughter not only was blessed with amazing in-laws but we feel like we really gained some very dear friends! It was so fun to hang out, play with Emma, hang out with our kids, eat delicious food, go shopping with the girls, laugh, play "name that tune" when we were all way to tired...which resulted in lots of laughs! Thank you David and Ashley for all the work you did to make this weekend so fun! You were amazing hosts! Here are a few of many pictures I took but I just had to share all the cute decorations! (Ashley, you really did have things looking so fun!!)


Ashley said...

Awww! :)
We had so much fun this weekend too! It was so nice to have you here & a treat to get to cook for you! Love you lots!

JENNY said...

How fun! Ashley is so talented!

The Watsons said...

That is so neat! I love it! As I have already shared with yall, I look forward to our days as grandparents and being able to watch our children parent, etc. I think yall raised 2 good kids, without a doubt! And how blessed you are that they went and chose mates who share the same love for God and Family. Very special, and such a blessing. Love yall!