34 years and counting...

My sweet husband and me the first year he taught me how to fly fish!

Today, Larry and I are celebrating 34 years of marriage bliss! I know, we are much too young to have been married that long! :) I thank God for the man He blessed me with. I thought he was pretty amazing when we were dating but really I had no idea!! Each day he amazes me with his huge heart, his amazing work ethic (really I have never know ANYONE who works as hard as him), his faithfulness to me and his incredible love and support! He has provided for us, shown me God in so many ways and loves me warts and all! :) He is a wonderful daddy to our two children, a great father-in-law and super duper Bud to four adorable grandchildren!! He always finds time to help us and others and is so very talented with his hands! I wish he had more time to build fun stuff because he is more talented and gifted than he even realizes! One of the GREATEST gifts he has given me is the opportunity to be a stay at home mom when our kids were growing up! He will NEVER know how much that meant to me! Now, we work together but he still finds time to let me have some days off to do fun things! I am blessed beyond words! Here are a few of my favorite pictures of him doing things that bring him joy!!! (In no particular order)
My fly fishing buddy on one of our trips to Colorado
Enjoying some down time with Zach at the RIverhouse in Boerne.
Enjoying time with Meg at the parade
Seeing Ashley before the wedding
Giving David a few last words of advice before the wedding! Ha, those boys love to be silly!
Enjoying some shop time with Owen

Helping Clay get his fishing pole ready

Bud and Will talking
Holding Emma for the first time!


Ashley said...

Happy 34 years! I love all the pictures, but most of all I love you two & the wonderful example you have set for all of us in your loving & faithful marriage!

emily said...

How thrilling!! Congratulations on a wonderful life together-- I'm going to 'amen' all of Ashley's sweet words; your example stretches farther than your own kids :) I love you two!!

The Watson's said...

Ya know, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, or so they say, and that is what I've always thought about Larry...that he must be an amazing father and husband because Zach is. All three of you have been so fortunate to have Larry, and now the grandkids get an amazing Bud! How very, very special! And it goes the same way with you; how lucky are Larry, Z, and A for having such a wonderful keeper of the home. What a legacy he and you will both leave behind to your family. Yall are just the best! So glad to have yall in our life, as well; you are both great examples to so many people. We love yall and your whole family!

Kayla Hewitt said...

Happy Anniversary! I don't know Larry, but he sounds like a great man. (And his wife's not too bad either.) :)

karen said...

you and larry are two wonderful people who make one incredible couple! it is a huge blessing to learn at your feet of how to be a better wife, mother and (soon to be!) grandmother! happy, happy 34 years and many, many more. love you!