Knight Camp 2010

Our 4th Annual Knight Camp has ended, but our hearts are FULL of fun memories! For those who don't know, Knight Camp is our Grandparent Camp. We have some simple "rules". You have to be 2 years old AND potty trained. We have a little tradition too, when it is someone's first year to go, we head to Abilene State Park, so we had a new camper this year, Will joined in on the fun so it was off to Abilene State Park. We decided this year instead of taking our pop up camper we would stay in one of the Yurts they have at this park. (That is it behind them in this picture!) It was a fun change for the boys and they loved our "special tent"!
Our fun began as soon as the boys woke up from their naps on Monday afternoon. Larry and I had already made a trip out to the Park, set up camp, got all the beds made, hid a few treats on their beds, etc. Another one of our traditions, is Knight Camp T-Shirts, so we all got our shirts on and we gave the boys a new "treasure sack" and headed out to buy worms! :)
We always try to have a theme and this year was "CAMO"! We learned when we were in our camo shirts, we could hide really good! We played lots of hide and seek to just prove that fact! Here are a couple of adorable shots of Will and Owen. They found this branch off a tree and carried it around hiding behind it! It was so cute!

Larry and I do lots of planning of what we will do each year, but basically it was almost 48 hours of non stop fun and activities! We play games, eat camp food, we fish, we go on scavenger hunts, we do crafts, we have fun snacks, we hike but most of all, we do whatever sounds fun to the boys! If they want to take a hike...we do! It's about being together! Owen made my day on the last day, right before it was over when I asked him what his favorite thing about Knight Camp this year and he looked up at me with those blue eyes and said, "Honey, it was just being with you and Bud!" Heart melted! Made it worth it all! So, instead of me "talking", I think I will just let the pictures do the talking!




We are already thinking about next years theme! Two more years and we will have a girl join in on the fun, we can't wait Emma Grace! The boys talked about how they would help her fish, hike and do her crafts! So sweet! They have already informed us we need to find a pink tackle box for Emma! It was great fun. We are so very blessed to have such good to take! They are so well behaved and it was a delightful time for all! We love you little guys!


Wendi said...

That's so fun!! Looks like y'all had a good time.

Kim W. said...

I have to say, Knight Camp has been something I have been totally and completely impressed with since yall started it! I mean, I LOVE IT. Love the concept, love what yall do, and love that yall take the special time to spend with them, and devote 100% of your time and attention to them. What a treat for your grandkids. Amazing. I told Meg the other day, this is something that A and I will do for sure one day, Lord Willing. I just think it is wonderful. Your family is so lucky to have yall! You have my vote for grandparents of the year, hands down! :)

Ashley said...

I love all your pictures! I can't wait for Emma to get to go to Knight Camp!!! She has the best grandparents in the world!!! :)

annalee said...

loved hearing all about it and seeing the photos too!!!

annalee said...

loved hearing all about it and seeing the photos too!!!

Hannah said...

So fun!! You guys are the BEST grandparents ever!