Antigua 2010-Returning home

We woke up early, enjoyed one last cup of coffee on our porch, walked down for a quick look at the beach before packing the last few things and waiting for the Vans to arrive. I am ready to talk to our kids and see them, but sad to leave this beautiful country. We made time to swing by the downtown vendors for a last few gifts to take home then headed to the airport to check in. After we checked in, Victor one of the elders at Villa Church took Larry and I for a few minutes to see the U.S. Air Force Base that is here in Antigua. We were only gone about 30 minutes, but it was nice to be with Victor for a few minutes. He is an amazing man with such a sweet spirit. He has impressed us both with his love for the Lord and the people here. We took a few pictures with him and he got us back to the airport in plenty of time to load! Our flight left at 2:00 PM, it is 94 degrees here. When we arrived in DFW at 11:55 PM, it was snowing and 30 degrees! HA! We actually were afraid we might not leave Atlanta as the weather was getting bad and they weren't sure we could land in Dallas if we left, but after a delay of a few minutes the pilot said we would be taking off. Though it was dark, we could sure see the snow coming down as we got closer to DFW. It was very good to be on the ground, safe and sound. The van from Hillcrest was there to pick us up! The roads was very slick until about Weatherford, then it cleared up. We got home around 3 AM. We are all exhausted but it has been a wonderful trip and we are blessed beyond words from the experience. The members at Villa stole our hearts and we are better people for having met them! Plans of the next trip are already being discussed and who knows, maybe we will be blessed once again to join the trip! We are very thankful for such a rich experience and it was so fun to travel to another country with my sweet husband. I would love to do more traveling with him!!!

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The Watson's said...

I have loved reading about your trip. And the pictures are wonderful! The pic of the little girl with the capri sun is permanently etched in my mind -- great picture. What a blessing yall were to so many people, but it's also like you said; you are the ones who are changed, and maybe even more. Yall are wonderful, wonderful people, and we are so blessed to know yall. We love you guys.