Antigua 2010-Day Seven

Friday. We are all quite excited about this day. I think we are all anxious to see other parts of this Island and it will be fun to relax! Larry and I enjoyed our porch, coffee and conversation with some of our students, Justin and Kari before the van arrived. I don't think I have said much about the van and the driving in Antigua. To start out, they drive on the "wrong" side of the road! Ha...or at least as far as we are concerned! Then there doesn't really seem to be a speed limit. We didn't see any posted. The roads are very narrow. They are bumpy. They are crowded. And they ALL seem to like to drive fast. And they use their horns a lot! We were normally always in one van. A 15 passenger van. Nice van...just really crowded with anywhere between 17 and 19 people. Larry and Justin had the GREAT honor of their wives sitting in their laps! :) Otherwise, there were not enough seats! Did I mention it was humid and hot. In the 90's and humidity in the upper 80's. Nice and warm! So, we ALL loaded up in one van and off we went. First stop was the English Harbour. It was a beautiful spot! This side of the Island seems more lush and of course the English Harbour is quite an attraction so there were lots of shops and places to eat. We shopped and browsed around for about an hour. Larry found a bakery that had all sorts of amazing things...so he was quite entertained! He tried several types of meat pies, fried meat balls, sausage wrapped in homemade bread, etc. I settled for an Coconut Fried Pie...yummy!!! :) The prices in the shops on this side of the Island were quite a bit more expensive, but fun to look! It was suggested that we go up to incredible lookout spot called Shirley Heights. They had a restaurant there, so we all ate lunch and enjoyed the view! Here are a few of the MANY pictures I took while waiting for my food!

Then the next beautiful spot we headed to was Half Moon Bay, known for their incredible blue water and pink sand. We were not disappointed. We stayed here several hours, most of the students swam while dodging Jelly Fish! I got stung on the ankle, It could have been much worse, but still, quite uncomfortable! Here are some of my favorites:

We drove to Devil's Bridge, another beautiful spot, before returning to the Hotel to clean up for supper.
Bernard and his sweet wife, Denise brought us dinner from a local Chicken Spot that Bernard had been bragging about all week! He said it is his favorite place to get chicken, and we now know why! It was the best BBQ Chicken with fries and coleslaw. We all ate on our porch, even Bernard and Denise joined us, which was so fun! They are such a sweet couple and are expecting their first child! After supper, we met a large number of the church members at a local basketball court and the guys played basketball and the girls visited and watched after the little ones. It was one last time to be with our friends before we leave tomorrow. They are so fun and it was a beautiful night to be outside! We returned to our hotel and packed up. It has been an incredible week and we have been blessed beyond measure!

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Ashley said...

You have so many BEAUTIFUL pictures! I'm so glad you are posting them!