Antigua 2010-Day Four

Tuesday. We got ready for our day, eating our breakfast in the room and then moving to the porch for a cup of coffee while enjoying the view. This morning we were suppose to do a devo at a new school, but the van was late picking us up so we just visited with the children in between classes as they had already had their devo. Several of our girls, who are Elementary Ed Majors, stayed for a few hours to observe in some of the classes. During our visiting time, I met a young man named Ira. He stole my heart! He was such a sweet young man and we talked and shared about ourselves. They children are so open and want to learn about Texas, USA and are so curious as to why we have come. Here is my buddy, Ira. We went back to the church to get things ready for the Youth Rally and also to eat another amazing lunch. Really, these women know how to cook! After lunch, our group headed back to the Hotel to pick up trash in a lot that is between our Hotel and the coast. We had discovered the day before, though there is a beautiful beach very near our Hotel, you have to cross an area of land that has been totally trashed out. It is the saddest thing to see. We decided to spend a few hours today and tomorrow seeing if we can't make this area look a bit different! Kari and I ran to the grocery store for supplies that each room was needing, cookies for the Youth Rally and water. We are all drinking a ton of water! We could not believe how much trash was gathered in the first day, over 50 big black trash bags and tons of stuff that was too big for a trash bag! It is already looking better! I had a chance to visit with our maid at the Hotel. She was such a sweet young lady and very curious about us and why we were working in their country. I invited her to church and also invited her children to come to the Youth Rally. She was really very interested in why we were picking up all that trash. She works for the Hotel and sees that trash every day. She could not believe the difference!

We all cleaned up and headed back to the church for the Youth Rally. Our numbers are growing and it was a fun day of playing with the children. We sang, had a Bible Story, played games, jumped rope, had cookies and punch and visited and loved on these kids! They are so precious! One of our students, Emi, showed such compassion towards two little boys that lived behind the church but who were not allowed to attend our Rally. She would stand at the back fence and talk to these little boys, bringing them cookies and punch and even filling up their water bottles. They couldn't attend because they had chores...filling up water bottles for their mom. They lived in a tiny shack, no running water, 4 children and a mother. It was a heartbreaking story and yet, Emi, showed Christ to them in some amazing ways!

After the Youth Rally, the church van took us back to the Hotel. We went down to the beach near the Hotel. It was protected by two cliff and was so pristine! We enjoyed a beautiful time of sharing and singing though the waves crashing on the rocks about drowned out our singing! After our devo, Justin, Kari, Larry and I slipped away to a very nice restaurant that was right behind the Hotel. The students all cooked together and we felt it might be the only time for us to get away as couples! We had the best meal! It was such a quiet location and we had a lovely table outside on the patio. We all shared in several appetizers...lobster bisque, lobster coctail and then each of us had fish entrees. I had Lobster. I cannot describe how delicious it tasted! I love seafood! We enjoyed a wonderful evening with Justin and Kari and it was such a nice evening to relax and visit about the trip thus far. After dinner, back to the Hotel to hit the sack! We are all exhausted but it was a great day!

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