This year, Zach, Meg, Owen, Clay and Will joined us for Easter lunch and our annual Easter Egg hunt in the backyard. David, Ashley and Emma were in White Oak with David's parents. Here are a few pictures of our time with Zach and his family. It is always fun to hide eggs for the boys and this year they were ALL three really good at finding them. Owen kept telling me before Easter that I could hide his "higher" and that he would leave the ones low for Clay and Will! He was so sweet about it and did exactly what he said he would do! He would see the ones low and look at me as to say "I see it Honey, but I will leave it there for my brothers!" It was precious. We hunted eggs, had a yummy Easter lunch (thanks Meg for all the help!) then we gave the boys their Easter basket, this years basket theme was "Summer fun"! We bought them each a new beach towel and some new fun swim toys! They are very excited for summer to get here so they can go swimming!

I cannot get over how quickly our grandsons are growing! They just keep getting more and more fun! I love the picture of the three boys by the old bike...aren't they just the most handsome boys you have ever seen! We aren't a bit proud! :)

Last weekend, I had the sweet pleasure of driving over and spending the weekend with Emma and Ashley. David had a hunting trip planned so I got to go hang out with the girls. Thank you Larry for being so sweet and letting me go play! I took Emma's Easter Basket to her and as expected her very favorite thing was the grass! However, she did get her first plate/bowl/cup/fork & spoon set from Bud and Honey! She turned 7 months old on Saturday! Hard to believe! She was a doll the whole weekend. Ashley and I had made big plans to do lots of yard work as Ashley was really wanting to get a start on her flower beds in the backyard and freshen up the front ones as well along with just making her porch look more inviting! We could not have asked for Emma to have been any better! If she was awake, she was outside with us in her little "jumper" and was as happy as she could be! She loves the outdoors! She took great LONG naps and allowed Honey and Mom to get a lot of hard work done! We laughed that we had our own version of Curb Appeal! It was so much fun and her porch looks completely different!
The best part is we used a lot of things she already had and I was able to share some plants from my yard! Ashley has already posted the pictures, so here is the link! She shows lots of before and after...so you can truly appreciate how different it looks! We had so much fun digging in the dirt together! I love it that Ashley now loves to go to gardening places with me! Poor child, I drug her through many a flower shop/gardening center in her childhood and she was always so tolerable of the trips but I could tell was bored stiff! However, guess what, she loves them now and guess who she is taking with her now...yep...Emma!!! We had so much fun looking at all of the choices and figuring out just the perfect little plants and color choices for Ashley! I had so much fun, though Saturday night Ashley and I were hardly able to move because we were so stiff! But not too stiff to still have some much treasured reading time with sweet Emma. She loves to read books and of course that is one of my favorite things to do with the grandkids! I enjoyed all the snuggling time I got too! :) It was a good weekend. I also got to spend some MUCH needed time with my dear friend Pam. I drove to their house on Thursday and we did lots of talking! We had so much to catch up on, after all she is now a grandmother too, of a precious little boy named Emmett! We can hardly wait to meet him, but I did have the wonderful pleasure of seeing him on Skype! It was SO good to see Emily, his sweet Mommy and to meet Emmett. I of course are counting the days (hint hint Emily) till we can meet him in person! :) We are so blessed to have this family in our lives, they mean so much to us and we consider them family! I returned home Sunday night, glad to see my sweet husband waiting on the porch for me and feeling extremely blessed to have had such safe and good weekend!


Kayla Hewitt said...

Precious, precious boys! They are just too cute for words. And sweet Emma—she's getting so big! I love her facial expressions.

Ashley said...

I love all your pictures! Those boys are WAY TOO CUTE! And of course, I think Emma is pretty cute as well! ;) Thanks for coming to play {and work!!!}. You are the best!

JENNY said...

Oh my goodness! All of your grandkids are so precious. I loved looking through all of the pictures.

JENNY said...

P.S. I CANNOT wait to have a garden in our new house!

The Watson's said...

Those boys are ADORABLE! I loved seeing all the Easter pics on Meg's FB profile...I just cracked up! I love those little guys! Truth be known, I am crossing my fingers for Jolee Kate to one day be a Knight! ;) HA! Anyhow, you have some precious grandkids...and big kids, too. Love you all.