Oregon 2010-Day Three and Four

Isn't that so sweet!
The roses are amazing, its hard to tell but this rose was as big as my hand!
Larry and I woke up super early, so we snuck out and took a drive to see a little scenery! It was so fun and we came across a really amazing little country road with an adorable covered bridge! We returned to cook breakfast for this work crew. Kathi and I are determined to give everyone lots of healthy choices each day! We were so blessed by their attitudes...they were so excited about each and every meal, it made cooking so much fun! The morning was crazy busy. We cooked, served breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen and dining area, ran to the lumber yard for the work crew, took supplies back and unloaded them, fixed everyone a drink and snack, ran to the grocery store, came back and fixed BBQ Chicken, Roasted Potatoes, watermelon slices, Deviled Eggs, Bread and brownies and served lunch at noon! Whew. Then we cleaned up ALL the dishes, kitchen, dining area and spent the rest of the day either digging or taking water and snacks to the crew. The day flew by and by the time it was over the pit had been finished. I think we were all amazed...but totally exhausted. We all cleaned up then dinner was brought in by one of the small groups at the church...having supper provided was a huge treat for Kathi and I! Then we had our devo. This is one weary group! We didn't have to enforce "curfew" tonight, they could hardly wait to go to bed! Hard to tell but this pit was 2 feet deep on one whole end...that is a lot of digging my friends!!

We got up, fixed breakfast again and served the work crew. Today, we will work in two different yards, both needed lots of love! The crew was broken into two groups and we all headed out. We worked till noon and returned to the church where Kathi and I quickly put out a sandwich bar with all the fixings. After we ate, we all headed back out and worked till 4:30. We returned for showers, dinner and then left the building for a little drive to a fun and very beautiful park for a few hours of playing and devo time. This group has really bonded and so our time together is always sweet. Some played Ultimate Frisbee while others enjoyed sitting on blankets to visit. I walked around the park with a group and was there own personal photographer, they were cracking me up with "photo shoot". They are a group of 5, who are really close friends so they had so much fun posing! Sweet kids!

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