A sweet little duo

My mother loved Christmas. She loved decorating, entertaining and she loved Santa's.
I love Christmas. I love decorating, entertaining and I love Snowmen.

After my mom passed away, Christmas was different, but I vowed to continue her traditions and start some new ones. She would have wanted that. My sweet friend Karen, started a collection for me several years ago and it has become so dear to me. It involves a very fun duo! Santa and his sidekick, the snowman. Kind of like me and my mom. We were very close. We did everything together. We cooked, decorated, crafted, shopped, sewed but more than anything else, we talked. We had a very close relationship. She taught me so much about life. About how to treat people. How to love God, my husband and my children.

So now, one of my favorite decorations is a growing collection of Santa's and Snowmen. They aren't as easy to find as you might think (maybe that is also because I am kind of picky!). You can find tons of individual Santa's and Snowmen, but my collection of ornaments and figurines have to be of my little duo together...kind of like Mom and I, because even though she isn't on this earth anymore...she is ALWAYS in my heart and in my thoughts!

One of the first ornaments Karen gave me, was of a Santa holding a little snowman (above). It reminds me of the way my Mom always held me...where it was physically, emotionally or spiritually. The little snowman looks so happy and loved!

It is fun to get our decorations out each year, but getting these out, always makes me smile!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Don't these two look like they are having such fun! Mom & I shared a funny tobaggan story of when I was a child, so this one is dear to me!

Mr. Snowman looks as if he is asking for advice here, something I did with my dear Mom a lot!

Snuggling..even in my Mom's last days...we would snuggle up and talk!

I always looked up to my Mom (still do!), so this one says it all!
(Meg's mom has blessed my collection with 3 from this artist! So precious!)

Another sweet ornament. Meg and Ashley have found several sweet ornaments in the last few years! I love that these two look like they are about to dance! When I was a little girl, my Mom and I would "silly dance" together!

So what is the tradition you ask? I don't suppose there is a tradition here but more importantly something I have learned. Make your decorations have meaning. The decorations I love to get out each year have either a story to tell or remind me of someone very dear. After all, memories are really what make our holidays special! One thing, I have learned the hard way, if you start a collection..start a journal and write who gave it to you and when...for your sake and more importantly for your family!


Ashley said...

Ok, you made me CRY! :) What a sweet thing to share. I hope some other people can learn from you through this blog, like I have been able to learn from you my whole life! You are such a blessing & I am so thankful for the relationship we share.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Santa/Snowman collection at your house & LOVE getting to have Nanny's Santas out at mine!

Kayla Hewitt said...

This is so sweet, Mary Kay! I teared up. How wonderful that you have so many special memories of your mom. Thanks for sharing.

karen said...

mary kay,
what sweet memories, and how blessed to read these words of the sweet relationship you and your mom share. and i see how that tradition is being passed onto more generations, too. from mother to daughter. you are like "santa" to your sweet ashley snow(man).
i love how your ornaments speak so dearly and clearly of your loved ones. and how neat that the ornaments really describe the special-ness of the relationships in very descriptive ways. much love, karen

annalee said...

wow, what a precious tribute. the four of us drove around looking at christmas lights tonight and there was a yard with a blowup santa and snowman standing next to each other. of course i thought of you!