Bingo and favorite snacks night!

Today is a special night for our family. I suppose any time we get to be with family is sweet. Tonight, my brother and his wife, their sons and daughter in law will come over to join our while crew for some long lived traditions. It starts with eating...something our family takes seriously. Tonight's menu is this families favorite...snacks! You know the holiday snacks that you love making and eating! Things like Sausage balls, Little smokies, Ranch Oyster crackers, Eggrolls not to mention all the desserts! Then comes the annual reading of a fun Christmas story, see my December 2007 blog for more info, it explains the another one of our traditions. Then we end the evening with a game of BINGO. Now, here is where it gets wild. We all bring a wrapped gift, this year the budget is $1.00. Yep, you saw that right! I've already checked the dollar bins at Target or Michaels looking for the perfect gift...the one everyone will be fighting over! As you can see, it doesn't take much to get this family excited! :) If you win a round at BINGO, then you get to select a gift. Next round, the whoever wins, they have a choice, to take your gift or open one of the wrapped gifts. You know the game, it can get a little wild at our house...seems there is always something EVERYONE wants! Even if it just cost a dollar! As you can see, our family is easy entertain!

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