The little green pickle!

My parents once visited The Biltmore and returned with a little green pickle for their tree and a tradition began! I guess actually the Germans started this tradition but we loved it nonetheless. On Christmas morning, the pickle is hid among the branches and ornaments. The first person to spot the pickle gets to open the first gift! Like so many traditions, it really isn't about getting to open the gift but the hunt! We all love the challenge. If you find the pickle, then it is your honor to hide it the next year! As kids have married, we have gifted them with their own little pickle for their tree! A simple little idea (you could use any designated ornament if pickles offend you!) but just a fun little way to start Christmas morning!

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Ashley said...

I love this one! Can't wait to go on the pickle hunt this year! I am so thankful to have a pickle on my tree as well!