Christmas Traditions...continued

In 2007, I thought I would be so clever and each week blog about a Christmas Tradition. I did two blogs, then we had a little car accident the week before Christmas and...well, things just got a bit crazy! But if you want to look back to 2007, there are two traditions that our family shares.

I will attempt again, to share some of our family traditions.

Family Ornaments:
Every year, since Zach and Ashley were born, we have bought them an ornament. We tried to always find one that represented something they had done that year or something they were "into" during that year. Whether it was a hobby, sport, big trips...whatever...I am ALWAYS on the hunt for the perfect ornament. It is a challenge...some might consider me crazy...but not me...I love it! Each year when we decorated the tree, the kids would have a special box that would hold all of their ornaments. Once they were a little older, decorating the tree was like walking down memory lane. In their box, with their ornaments was a list of ornaments and what year it was given. Inside the box were also other ornaments that were given to them by their Nanny and Pa (my parents). Mom always gave everyone the same ornament and it was on our dinner plates on Christmas Eve. I tweaked Mom's tradition a bit, buying each "child" a different ornament that represented them. As the family has grown AND grown it has! We know have 10 people at our house for Christmas instead of 4! Nonetheless, at Christmas Breakfast, on their plates will be a box holding their ornaments. As the family has grown, we have made a few modifications to our tradition. Now the couples, Zach & Meg and Ashley & David get an ornament that represents something that has happened in their life as a couple that year...such as a new baby, new house, etc. As grand babies are born, I give them an ornament that represents the theme of their nursery. Then, each year after that, I buy an ornament that represents the theme of their birthday parties. It is my thinking that about the time that they quit having "themed" parties will be about the time they start being involved in some type of sports, hobbies, etc. I must say, that sometimes it is challenging to find just the right ornament, and I might complain a bit...but I really do love the hunt!

My only regret in this tradition, was each year when I bought our kids their ornaments, that I didn't also buy one ornament for Larry and I of something we did that year! We did buy an ornament if we went on a big trip, but otherwise, I just didn't spend the time or money on us. When Zach got married at age 20, he took 40 ornaments (20 given by us and 20 that my Mom and Dad had given him) into his marriage. Great for his and Meg's tree...but ours looked a little bare! THEN, Ashley got married and took another big chunk of ornaments into her marriage! :) SO, though we do have plenty of ornaments, and so much more than so many, if I were starting over...I think I would have bought one a year for Larry and I! So...if you are young and decided to take this idea and make it your own tradition...just remember...those kids will get married one day!! :)


The Watson's said...

I LOVE TRADITIONS! And this one sounds like a neat one! Our little family over here might have to start something like this! I'll remind myself though that our kids will grow up and get married someday. :) A bare tree wouldn't be as fun. :)

Ashley said...

This is one of my favorite traditons! And I love ALL of my ornaments!! {Sorry to leave your tree so bare, thought! :)}