Some activities we try them out...and some just fit!

We are on the every other year plan. What does that mean? Every other year we have all "the kids" home on Christmas. On the "off" year, we still celebrate but it is at a different time and a much more abbreviated time and sometimes not even at our house. On "our year", we have more time together so two years ago we tried a few new things and we loved them so much that they are our "newest" traditions!

Chef's of the Night:
Because there are a lot of meals to fix, we (each couple) each took a night and prepared a meal. If you are cooking then another couple is planning the activity for the night, such as game night, gingerbread contest, etc. It was so fun for Larry and I to witness our"kids" in the kitchen cooking together. PLUS, the meals were amazing! It was fun as we tried new recipes and tried and true favorites.

The Gingerbread Contest:
The contestants: Team Zach & Meg, Team David & Ashley and Team Larry & Mary Kay (last time the grands helped us but this year the little guys will have their own little house to decorate)
When we planned this activity, silly me envisioned us sitting around the table decorating our houses while talking and eating the candy. NO, not this competitive little group! It was all business. People started checking out all the embellishments, hoarding candies, whispering ideas to their partners...let alone making all sorts of additions and remodels to their house. But we had so much fun and the results were incredible! So, we are all looking forward to our next contest...I guess contest is a little deceiving...as there are really no cash prizes or gifts...just bragging rights! So, note to family...GAME ON PEOPLE!!! Be ready! Here are "the winners" from the last contest...we had a tie! :)


Ashley said...

Game on is right...you better bring it, people! :)

Wendi said...

That's so fun! We have done chef night before where we each cook a meal. Love family time!! Merry Christmas.

The Watsons said...

I love the idea of Chef night! Or it could be "Chef Knight" in yalls case! :) Anyhow, super fun idea. Will put that away in my little box inside my head! Thanks!

Lauren said...

Love all your traditions and fun ideas, Mary Kay! Merry Christmas to all of you :) I love them because these are the type things memories are made of!