Larry...assume your position

The house has been decorated for weeks but yesterday, I asked Larry what traditions he thinks of when it comes to Christmas. One of the first he mentioned, made me laugh. It will probably seem strange to most but to this family is is truly a
"tradition". It comes to decorating the tree. I don't really know how or why this started but regardless Larry does it EVERY single year. He is always very helpful in getting the tree out of the box (yes, we have a fake tree...Larry is quite allergic to real trees) and helps us get it up, making sure all the lights are working and all the wires are hid! :) (I have a thing about wires showing...poor man...he has to put up with a lot!!). THEN, this is where he assumes his position. In the chair. He will make sure the boxes of ornaments are stacked beside his comfy chair and he then begins his "part". He unwraps each ornaments, makes sure it has a hook on it and hangs it off the side of the box. That is where the family would take the ornament and find it a home on the trees branches. We laughed as we talked about it yesterday...I don't remember him EVER hanging an ornament. He just gets them ready for the family to decorate. So, as you see it might be a silly little tradition but nonetheless if you asked my kids how we decorate the tree...I feel quite certain they will relay this same story. Now that we do the tree alone most years, nothing has changed it just takes me a bit longer to get the ornaments all on the tree. It's hard to believe how helpful his job is though, we don't deal with tangled ornaments, don't have to hunt for a hook and don't have to unwrap each one. In life he is pretty much the same way, he quietly goes about his job, takes care of his family and wraps us in his love! The way I look at it, the tree only has ornaments because of his part! Love you babe!


Ashley said...

I love it! When David & I were decorating our tree this year I was telling him about this very tradition (I don't know how it just now came up!). He decided once Emma is old enough to help me, that he should take on the same role! :)

annalee said...

evan also loved this tradition:) i am loving reading each and every one of your traditions!