Building our little village...

A long time ago, Department 56 Snow Village caught my eye. I had always loved little Christmas villages and this one really smiled at me! So, when my mother in law and mother asked what I wanted for Christmas, I told them of my desire to "build" a small village! The first year, Larry's mom gave us the cute little cafe and my mom gave us the bakery, a pretty fitting building since Mom and I always loved baked goodies! :) For several years, I was given a building for either my birthday or Christmas and usually my Mom would stick a little accessory in my stocking. I didn't need or want all the pieces, but I loved to find pieces that reflected our life and family.

For instance, I grew up going to the Paramount Theater to watch movies, our kids loved to go to the movies there with my Mom and Dad in later years and Ashley even performed in a Christmas Talent show when she was about 6! She got third place!!! She recited a poem that my Mom read to me and my brother every year at Christmas! Thus, when Dept. 56 came out with a theater, called the Paramount no less...it was surely on my Christmas list!

As was the Hardware Store...how appropriate for the Knight's who have always been into the construction field plus my hubby loves a good hardware store! He can wander around one for nearly as long as I can wander around a good card shop! :)

The log cabin was bought during the years when Zach worked in Colorado with Wilderness Trek and also where he met the love of his life. We spent many vacations there and this little house just reflects our love for the mountains and the fresh air!

I love all my little accessories, but this one really speaks to my senses...my love for their hot drinks! Going to Starbucks during the holiday season is such a huge treat for me. I love the Caramel Apple Cider with cream AND the Pumpkin Latte's. Yummy!!!

Or the little Fire truck to honor my brother who has been a fireman in Abilene for many years! I admire him and all his co-workers for their bravery and willingness to risk their lives for us!

Each piece has been lovingly selected and added to our little village. The most fun part of it though was setting it up when the kids lived at home. It became quite the family affair. We had to decide what the town would look like, build roads, "plant" trees and before we knew it the village came alive! I have such fond memories of Zach building tiny log racks to sit beside the houses or building a little road and laying little rocks along it to make it look real. Ashley always took pride in placing all the people throughout the village! It was such a fun time for our family!

I told Larry recently that as much as I love our village, I so miss the kids being here to help us put it out and hear all the chatter of what and where things should be placed! Now days the village is on our mantle and I like that it looks like a little street view and plus it's out of the reach of our little ones. There will be a day before long, when I will get the next generation to help me build our little village!

You don't have to have a village made of ceramic...get your kids and build one from blocks of wood, cardboard or even little paper houses. The fun part is watching them create and the sweet moments you will share as a family!

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Ashley said...

I do love your village & the meaning behind all the pieces!