Sniff...sniff...it's our last day in London!

We laid in bed last night and went over all the list of things we have been so blessed to see. Then we talked about the things we hadn't worked in and decided what we would try to do on our last day. We had a long list but decided we would not push ourselves quite so hard today. We have a very crazy schedule the next two days...so today we are going to go see a few things on our list and have a leisurely supper and get to our room early tonight.
We enjoyed a couple of cups of coffee in our room and then heading out.

We headed back to the Buckingham Palace area so decided to stop and watch the Changing of the Guards at the Palace. It was really not fun. I have to admit. It was hot to begin with, the crowds were crazy and we had gotten a really good spot right at the fence but the people behind us were WAY pushy and it was miserable. We did endure it until we had seen a few minutes of it but then we got out. We had seen enough. It is a beautiful ceremony but not worth the crowds.
We enjoyed walking around the area one last time.
Everything is decked out with flags, stages, etc for the big Jubilee. 
You can really tell how big of a deal this celebration will be.
Plus, they are getting ready for the Olympics too. So I do believe
we picked the perfect time to come see London...at its very best!

 Larry always like to "make up" what he thought they were taking about at this point...something really important like what Pub they were going to meet at after work, etc. 
 Quite impressive uniforms...the hats are made from the fur of a Canadian Black Bear and each hat cost around 650 pounds. Just in case you are looking to buy one. 

 That is one big dog. 

We made our way back over to the store "Liberty" and walked through it for a few minutes.
It is a nice store, pricy! But it was fun to look around and it was cool inside! 

Then we headed to the British Museum. 
Another Museum that would take days to really do it justice. 
So much history.

We were able to get a few pictures...
though we were too busy looking
to be taking pictures.
The buildings had all been attached with this amazing glass roof the center was like a huge "lobby" with info desks, shops and lots of places to sit and just take in the view.

This camera is really a casket.
Weird, I know.
But we had to take a picture of it for a friend.
He will understand our randomness.
Never seen caskets that were shapes...but here is the scoop!
The Ga people live in the south-east coast of Ghana, including Accra the capital city. They revere their ancestors and give great importance to funeral celebrations. From the early 1950s they became well-known for developing a new tradition of beautifully carved figurative coffins.
Yes, that the Rosetta Stone

This museum, like all of them, require lots of time...which we didn't have.

The heat got the best of me today, I was feeling quite dehydrated so we stopped for some water..and we might have shared an ice cream. ;)

Kind of fun to see this...loved that movie!!!

If was supper time after we finished at the Museum, so we walked around just a bit then headed to Zizzi's. We had made a pack not to eat at the same places over and over again...and we have done a good job on trying lots of different vendors, cafes, etc. But we went to Zizzi's the first night we were in London with the students, before going to the Ukraine. It was so amazing so we decided our last night to go back and try something else on the menu. It is a good fire oven pizza place, with very fresh and different combination...the kind of Pizza we like!
I also found a Lemonade that was so delicious!
Larry really is happy (though he doesn't look it!) he is just having that
"I can't believe you are taking my picture with more food" look! :) Haha. 
Look at that pizza...oh yum...wish I had some now! It was the best crust!!!

We decided we wanted to take the bus back to the B&B. We knew it would take a bit longer, but the skies had clouded up while we were eating supper...so we knew it would be a pleasant drive plus we just wanted to see London one more time. This is such a lovely city. Really fun. We have had such a great time and leave feeling like we have seen a lot but could totally come back and have a whole new list of things to do! I love how many fresh food markets are everywhere! We feel so blessed...we never dreamt of coming here. It has been so wonderful and truly a trip of a lifetime for both of us!

Another site I will never forget...the bikes...bikes are everywhere!
Our grandsons would love this town! And as we found the first day,
seeing the town on bikes is so fun!!

It was back to the B&B. We had lots of packing to do. We packed everything up into our big suitcase and carry-on and got them ready to check into the Excess Baggage at the Train Station-St. Pancras early in the morning...right before jumping on a really fast train...
Destination: PARIS!

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