Day Two-Our little "piggies" went to Market! Part 1

We thought we walked a lot yesterday. When we left the Ukraine, Larry mentioned as tired as we were, at least "London will be easier physically" but at the end of each day we would be groaning and moaning as we climbed the stairs at the B&B. I cannot even imagine how many miles we walked each day. Yes, there is a Tube that gets you places and fast. But do you realize how much you miss when you don't walk...so we did walk...and walked a lot.

When we begin to plan our trip to London, one thing that came up quick in our search for things to do was to go to a street market of some type. Portobello kept coming up so since we couldn't do them all, we decided on it. We were not disappointed. We got up early, again, and headed to that area of London. We got a bit turned around but thankfully it was early and we had time to just look around. Had we not turned down this street, we would have totally missed this little jewel....
All I have to say is I am very thankful it is not my job to water all these plants! :)
Isn't it too fun! We didn't eat there...simply because we ate at every booth in the market. Well maybe not every booth...I think we missed a couple.

We were so excited about this day. Milling around a street market with the locals, eating and shopping for something cool and different is really how we like to discover a place. So along with thousands of other people that had the same idea for the day...we had so much fun. Oh how I want to go back!
 Larry loves old tools..imagine that..so he found himself a super old wood plane.

 Getting there early was such a good plan. This was the market at the beginning of the day.

Hmm...like I say...get there early!
I love window staging...and this store amazed me. The windows of this store were covered with old sewing machines on shelves. So...I heard there is one of these stores in Washington. 
Allsaints Spitafields. Super cute clothes.
 Really wanted to bring a couple of these home to use for decorating. 
 Really really wanted to bring some of these home. 
But this were the real deal and they were pricey...so I just oohed and aahed.
 If you are reading this, then you know the Knights and our love for food. 
Larry is a true blue "foodie".
He loves to try new things.
He loves to try LOTS of new things.
I don't think it is right for him to eat alone.
I am a very good wife. :)
 The food is not only amazing but it is beautiful.
I might have taken 100's of pictures of food.
We tried one of these. Tasty.
 We might have tried one of these too. Or maybe more than one. 
Did I mention how much we were walking? It was in self defensive.
We didn't try every item at this booth...but I couldn't quit taking pictures.
So maybe I am the "foodie".
 I have a real weakness for bread...good bread! 
When it is stuffed with REAL cheese and basil and tomatoes that actually have flavor. 
Well...let's just say it is a good thing I don't live near this market. 
We first of all watched these guys make some incredible brushetta.
Then added thick slices of the best looking mozzarella cheese and more basil.
Then came the thick slices of yummy bread.
Then a few minutes in a panini iron...
then we might have gobbled it down in record time.
We didn't have any Coconut Milk, but did love these guys hats!
Several years ago, when visiting my cousins in Colorado they introduced us to Seafood Paella.
Larry fell in love with it and so you can't imagine how excited he was to see these guys cooking.
Can you believe the size of their pans! 

So, I left him doing this...
While I went into this...my new FAVORITE store...good thing there isn't one in Abilene.
Larry has no idea how lucky he is.

Another weakness...my love for flowers. They were everywhere.
Beautiful. Couldn't bring those home either. :(
I just know this guy is someone famous.
This made me laugh. It's London's Dollar Tree!!!
This also made me laugh. Let me just say that HE was one of many very "interesting" dressed people that we ran into at the Market. Be sure and read his apron. :)
We had a lot of fun. It was quaint and quirky.
I loved it! I wanted to bring a lot home.
Had to resist..the suitcase and the budget dictated what I could haul home!
After we left the Market, we took the Tube to the Buckingham Palace area.
We needed to walk some more. After all the eating, we really did need to!
Must break this day into two blogs...stay tune.

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