Day 5: Windsor Castle

Windsor was the plan for today so we were up early and headed for the Tube as we had a 7:00 train to catch to Windsor! Thankfully today the Tube near our B&B was running and we made our way to Paddington Train Station, the same station we used the day we went to Oxford but still we had to find the platform and it was very busy at this time of day. We arrived on the right platform just as the train took off. But a very nice employee showed told us of another train that was leaving in 5 minutes so we ran and were able to catch it. We had to change trains when we got to Slough, but we had no trouble making that connection. We didn't have a chance to pick up any breakfast so made a decision as soon as we got to Windsor we would find coffee and a scone! The train station at Windsor is lovely, with lots of little shops and eateries. We found a nice little pastry shop and were able to enjoy a cup of coffee and a lovely scone while reading over the map and deciding exactly what to do first! A very nice and relaxing way to start the morning!

 I know what you are thinking...
Larry and Mary Kay need to get out more often...
they enjoy taking pictures of their food way too much...
 What can I say?
We do. We should get out more often.
But mostly we do like to take pictures of pretty food.
Unless we gobble it down too quickly.
Then there are just crumbs in the corners of our mouth.
That is not picture worthy.
But I resisted long enough to take a picture of this little lovely.
It was good.
I wanted to lick the inside of the jam jar. I resisted.
Larry was very thankful.
Which way to go...every direction you looked was exciting. 
But it was decided the Castle was first. We wanted plenty of time to enjoy.
And enjoy we did!
So many quaint little streets to explore...
If Emma had been a bit bigger...I might have been very tempted to bring her home one of these cute little plaid skirts! So cute!!!
 We bought our tickets and got us a set of headphones so we could do the Audio Tour...just call us 
"Techno-geeks". It was so much nicer than having to follow a group around!

This place is so peaceful and of course beautiful!!
To think this is where the Queen hangs out on the weekends! 
We enjoyed walking around at our own pace.

We visited the very lovely church and though again no pictures allowed inside, I did manage to snap a few (hundred) on the outside!

We also got to see the Changing of the Guards here as well.

It was done by the Royal Army as the Royal Guards had been moved into London to prepare for the Queen's Jubilee. It was fun to see something a bit different and so up close.
I could never ever be one of these. I can't stand still. 
I had so many things I wanted to ask him.
What happens when you need to go to the "loo"?
Have you ever had a fly land on your nose?
Has anyone ever gotten you to smile? Really? Seriously?
Do you ever have the urge to stick out your tongue at all the cameras that are snapping away?
Because I would. I would totally do something completely random. 
Then I realize I wouldn't be a guard any longer...but I would go out having fun! :)
 For some reason, the way they stood and the thick sole shiny shoes...
made them look like little toy soldiers to me.
 And the band came.
 And the new "replacements" showed up.
 That chin strap would bug the hound out of me! Just saying.
 After the ceremony, we went back to wandering around..the grounds are immaculate.

 Honeysuckle in Abilene...doesn't look like this!

 The roses were amazing!

My Techno Boy

 One day I will do a blog on all my "door" pictures.
I am obsessed with doors. I didn't realize how bad until this trip.
I took so many pictures of doors, hinges, windows and clocks.
But I had to share this one with you.
You can imagine how big the door was if this was the top hinge. Lovely.

Through this rather large gate...that is the "Queen's Residence".
Can't imagine how fun that would be to see.

 He is watching over her door. Good work!
 If I were the Queen (I realize that probably isn't gonna happen) but I am just saying, if I were,
I would totally stick my head out one of these beautiful windows at random times of the day and wave, or better yet, just yell "BOO"!
Can you imagine how fun that would be.
There are lots of windows...you could run from window to window
or run upstairs and pop your head out one of those. Just keep people on their toes!
There are plenty of windows to pick from!
But I guess since she is in her 80's that is not at the top of her "to do list".

 The Queen's Ice Cream! Only bad thing...it wasn't open.
 Oh how I wish I could have taken pictures in here.
The Doll House was amazing. I wanted to get in there and play!
So many details...
Everything down to the REAL GOLD chargers under the china on the dining room table.

Then we made our way to a special photography exhibit.
We couldn't take pictures there either but I loaded this from the internet.
It was the most amazing collection of candid shots of the Queen through the years.
I loved the ones of her with her children or grandchildren. The emotion the photographers captured was  so incredible. I love photography anyway, but to be strolling through Windsor Castle looking at such touching glimpses into this families life...pretty awesome!
(I wish for Gordon Trice when we were here...I know he would have really enjoyed this exhibit!)

We left the Castle, strolled down a couple of very fun streets and decided we were hungry! 
Imagine that.

 We stopped here at a local pub for a much needed sit down!
We had walked alot around the Castle and were tired and very thirsty!

 I got Fish-n-Chips. Everyone told us before we left Abilene to get "Fish -n- Chips".
This was my 3rd try. I have to say the first two were not all that great.
This one however was very good. The batter on the fish was really tasty and the fries...excuse me...the "chips" were fresh cut not frozen looking. :)
And of course, I choose peas not mushy peas, just peas.
Does anyone know why they like peas so much?? Someone explain it to me?
I have never been a huge "pea" fan...unless it is black-eye peas...then I am a huge fan.
But peas are served a lot.  And if you get mushy peas...well...it looks a lot like Gerber Baby Peas.
Not terribly appetizing.
Ha...this picture cracks me up because Larry looks like he is on the attack with his fork...
and maybe he was...after all the man loves to eat!
After a late lunch we started walking...and walking...and walking.
This town is lovely. Clean. Pretty flowers. Cute shops. Cute doors. :)
Here are a few from our walk...

 He was a Long "Knight".... :)
 Cute little cafes and pubs...EVERYWHERE!

I love all the different logos for the Queens Diamond Jubilee...too cute


When we would read about going to the Windsor Castle, they would often say to make sure and see the "Long Road" leading up to the Castle. Well, we came in on the train, which literally dumps you right at the Caste. But as we were walking around this quaint little town...we were watching these guys paint.
I know exciting we are easy entertained. :)  But everywhere we went, there were people painting and sprucing up the place for the big Jubilee.
 Then we backed up to take a picture of the Castle from this angle...when we turned around....
this is what we saw...
They weren't kidding...when they said LONG road!

 This is me, telling Larry I think we should walk down it...
" C'mon Larry"!!
He isn't falling for it...it doesn't look fun...it just looks like a LONG road!
 Okay, yes it is a LONG road...and then we would have to walk back!)

 This is my very serious husband....
We finished our time in Windsor by walking around some of the lovely streets, taking in the sights before heading to the train station and heading back to London. Time is flying.
Tomorrow will be our last day in London. Hard to believe. I am sort of sad...this trip has been a trip of a lifetime. We are so very blessed to have gotten to take this trip! We never thought we would be blessed with this opportunity and it has been so wonderful.

We arrived back in London, got to our "little home", chatted with our B&B Host/Owner and she suggested a really great little pizza place around the corner. It was a great suggestion. Very tasty.
We ate, talked about our day, walked around the area just a bit...because we had hardly walked any today! Ha. Then back to B&B for a very sweet nights rest.

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