Day Four...Part 2...A look into the past!

We really enjoyed this tour and it was fascinating to see and hear all the history. One of the highlights was our Beefeater Tour Guide. We found out at the end of the tour, she was the first female Beefeater. She was so quirky and fun! She had a great sense of humor and such an expressive face that no wonder they wanted her as a tour guide. Here is what we found out...

It may have taken over 500 years for feminism to breach the walls of the Tower of London, but visitors to the fortress are today being greeted by the first female Beefeater since the guards were established.

Moira Cameron, a 38-year-old from Argyll, Scotland.

(Side Note: The outfits they were cost 3,500 pounds! )

I didn't take this picture, but I like how it shows the whole thing...it was hard to get that far away from it 

 A few views of the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge
 We didn't get to see all the beautiful crowns as the Queen had already "checked out" the ones she would be using for her 60th Jubilee..but there was still PLENTY of bling to see!
Again, sadly no pictures allowed.

 That is a big cannon barrel!
Larry couldn't get over how thick it was!

 Such a cool place!
 And what to our wondering eyes should appear, but Tower Bridge!
 Peeking through one of the windows...
 Not our Beefeater but he was nice enough to let us get a picture...
 before we walked aross that beautiful thing!
The Tower Bridge is amazing and quite large!
We walked across and then back to catch a bus to Covent Gardens Market
 Everything had just been given a fresh coat of paint for the Jubilee...
 And I do have to say, I do love the colors!!!!
London certainly was freshened up for the event. This was no quick task painting this bridge!

Then we headed to an area called Covenant Gardens Market.
It was a mix of vendors, nice restaurants, cafes and tons and tons of shops.
We found a tiny little meat pie cafe and decided that we would give it a try for supper. 
It was very good. Larry had two different meat pies. 

I had a veggie pie that had a delicious crust (and I do love a good crust!) and the filling had butternut squash....which had great flavor. Then I had an apple pie...it was amazing!  It was so cute too...it was baked in a deep muffin tin so it had another amazing crust and then the filling was superb!

Oh yes, it might have had a dip of ice cream on top. :)

It is the strangest thing...you will be walking along and come to ANOTHER amazing building..
they are everywhere!!! Have I mentioned how much we love this city!
So after dinner, we headed back to the B&B. We stopped by M&S (our new favorite little grocery store) and picked up some drinks. I got the most delicious Pink Lady Apple Juice! Oh my.
I love Pink Lady Apples...and this drink was like biting into the apple. I really wanted to bring a case home. Must look for them at World or Central Market! Keeping my fingers crossed!
We got comfy and went to the patio to enjoy a few minutes to sit and enjoy the late evening. I think I have mentioned that it gets light at 4 but have I mentioned it doesn't get dark till 10!
Another wonderful day. Tomorrow..headed to Windsor!

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