A different view of the Ukraine...

While we worked in a very remote area, we did have one day in Kiev to do a bit of sightseeing. It was a good break from work and I think all of us needed a day of rest but at the same time, we were very ready to get back to camp. Kiev is big, about 11 million people. Andrew took us sightseeing, to a street market, to eat, on a very scary subway (not a big fan!) and then we headed back to camp. Here are a few pictures of our sightseeing day...

St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev-an astonishing temple. Hard to imagine the amount of money spent on these and then to see the poor village near the camp.

Larry and I at Maidan Nezalezhnosti OR Independence Square. Quite a hopping little square as they 
were preparing for the Euro Cup in Soccer which was starting shortly after we left the Ukraine. 

St. Michaels Golden Dome Monastery

Anyone for a Snickers? 

I know I have done a lot of journaling about the Ukraine. Sorry if I have been too wordy, but Andrew's work has really has made me think and look at things a lot different.

We left the Ukraine feeling very thankful for the experience, thankful for Andrew and Jenny, who are working so hard to make the lives of children better, thankful for our new friends Sergei and Sveta, thankful for the time we had with the World Racers, thankful for the time we had to serve along beside our amazing University Students and extremely thankful that God kept us safe, healthy and that our travels pretty much went flawlessly. It was such a wonderful trip and we feel extremely blessed to have been asked to be sponsors. We left the Ukraine tired...I mean really tired. Larry and I had worked probably as hard as we ever had and yet we felt so blessed to have been given this opportunity to help Andrew and new friends. We certainly came home feeling very thankful for the lives we have been given, our home, our family, our friends...and like I said...so many things we have taken so for granted like running water, a indoors shower, etc.

When this mission trip came up, we made a decision to take a little side trip at the end. We felt like if we on the other "side of the pond" what a perfect opportunity to see London and Paris. So, we said goodbye to the rest of our group on our last day together, they flew home and we flew back to London! At this point I really felt like I went into a dream...ha...actually dreaming would involve sleep...something we felt like we needed badly! Next stop...LONDON!

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annalee said...

not too wordy at all, I am loving ALL of these posts and that you guys shared this experience!