Day Three: A very lovely day in Oxford

We had lots of precious friends who told us right away when they heard we were taking a trip to London..."you must go to Oxford" and so of course, we thought we best check it out!
We weren't disappointed by the lovely little place!

We got up early, once again, but this time we did set an alarm just in case because we had a 7:00 train to catch. We hopped up, got ready and make our way down the street to the Underground...only to find the doors locked. Locked...what??? Lots of locals also seemed quite confused and assured us that this was not normal and so we began to scramble and figured out that they closed the line to do some repair. Would have been handy to know! Pretty soon a bus showed up by the curb and we quickly realized it was an "extra" bus that would take us to the nearest line that was running. That was nice! That was totally our experience in London...the buses were so dependable and for the most part the Tube was too, but both of them were easy to figure out and buses were constant...you hardly ever waited more than 5-10 minutes. 

Once we found our way to the train station, we caught a train to Oxford. We had great seats and enjoyed seeing the countryside on the way there. For two who love open spaces and pretty landscape...it was a nice change of scenery for the day!
(Sorry, not great pictures...taken from a fast moving train!
We grabbed some breakfast in the station and waited for a few minutes till the Hop-On-Hop-Off office opened, asked some questions and decided that bus was our best option for the day. We had a limited amount of time and we really wanted to make the most of it and see as much as we could pack in!
We started by taking the bus all around Oxford, which took right over an hour. So fun to see a birds eye view of this little gem of a city. So here are so of oh so many pictures I snapped while we drove around...I know some are kind of random...but that is me...I like sometimes like to shoot little details and sometimes I will go for the whole building. I am weird.

It was hard to see everything we wanted and we had to make some tough choices. We didn't get to go to some of the places because we were trying to take in the city, spend as little on admissions as we could and just have a relaxing day!

Don't get me wrong. We saw a ton and we walked no telling how many miles!
Had to take this picture...in honor of my carpenter husband!

So next on the list was to grab a little something to eat as we missed breakfast with the whole mix up on the Tube. We thought we would grab breakfast to eat on the train...we did good to just get to the train!
We ate things here and there. We were searching for "Ali's Kabobs"...a food van that our sweet friend Brianna told us about. Brianna we are sorry to report he must not work on Sunday's. We are happy he has the day off...we are sad we didn't get a picture or get to taste his yummy food. 

We did go here though...
I am sorry the picture is blurred. It's difficult to focus your camera when that hand was busy stuffing a cookie down my throat...or maybe it was two cookies...who's counting?
You were right. They are amazing. You will be happy to know they are now in London too. :)
Warm cookies were my idea of a wonderful lunch.

We found lots of fun shops and looked around just a bit. Larry's favorite store of the whole trip was in Oxford. It was a cute little, no nonsense store called "Objects of Use". It is adorable. Once again great restraint was used...that durn suitcase was just too small!
We walked all around Christ's Church and it was just as promised...breathtaking!

We walked around so many corners and I would be awe struck with another wonderful sight. Instead of "talking" to much here...I am just going to show you some more of Oxford's wonderfulness!

 Every time we turned around, we would look down a street and as far as you could see there would be more awesome buildings!
 Or a cute window treatment...celebrating the Queen
Even the tour guides are festive!

 Love this gate!
Love how they connected these two buildings!

So another thing that we kept hearing was so cool was a place called "The Trout Inn". Everyone would tell us the walk out to it was beautiful. We knew the walk was over 2 miles so we decided to take our first taxi out and then planned on walking back. We had great food plus a pretty view and just as we were promised...the walk across "The Meadow" was so peaceful and pretty. Thanks to everyone for your input on this day...it truly was relaxing and it was easy to understand why students who come to Oxford fall in love with it like they do!
Great picture huh...trying to get a px while on our taxi ride.

 Waiting for supper and supper was quite tasty!

 The walk followed the Thames River, very lovely

 The trees along the river were big...really big
 We are going the right way...there is a building in Oxford peaking through the trees!

 This couple had the cutest little boat!

 There were so many boats down the river...many looked like they were lived in.
Where do you live? On the Thames!
 Pretty cute!
 They were as far as you could see!
 The walk was so peaceful and pretty.
We both really enjoyed taking in all the sights and sounds of Oxford.
We walked back to the train station, got us something cold to drink and waited for our train to take us back to London, another fabulous day! 

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