My sweet little pumpkin collection

As stated in my last post, I love pumpkins. All sizes, shapes, textures, colors, etc. However, there are now three in my collection that are by far my favorites. Three years ago, Owen and Clay painted me a pumpkin at our local Pottery Place (the one in the center of the picture). Meg sweetly sat the pumpkin down, gave them some different fall colored paints and let them create! It is beautiful. Last year, they presented me with a pumpkin with three adorable handprints (pumpkin on the left) and last night they brought me the latest addition to my collection. It is also white, has three sweet but growing handprints plus a little leaf, which happens to be Miss Emma Grace's handprint! Love it!!! I can't believe how fast these little ones are growing! It reminds me of how fast our own kids grew...but this time I am trying hard to relish the moments even more! Last night we had 3 pirates show up at our door! They were the cutest pirates we have ever seen! As you can see, they love dressing up! The last picture is of Miss Emma Grace, who this year is decked out as...A Snowflake...and the sweetest little snowflake ever!!!! Happy Halloween everyone...have a fun day with your kiddos! Make fun memories and take lots of pictures!

Don't get me wrong, I love my ceramic pumpkins...but below are really my favorite punkins of all!!!
Will, Clay and Owen

Miss Emma Grace

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The Watsons said...

Those are some pretty sweet little pumpkins you have, all four of them! It was so nice to get to see yall again last night as well! We had a good time!