A lap of love...or maybe I should say TWO laps!

We are so blessed. We have four of the sweetest, most precious grandkids.
We recently did some family pictures and though getting four under the age of 4 to look at the camera all at the same time can be a little challenging...we love the results!!!
It is so amazing to me how quickly these little ones are growing.
So instead of a lot of words today...I think I will let the pictures say it all...these kids are CUTE!!!


Lauren said...

Um, Mary Kay, God outdid himself with how unbearably cute your little tribe is!! Those pictures are adorable :) I have been so loved on by your precious and absolutely gorgeous daughter. God is so good to have made us friends. She is such a rich blessing in my life. You and Larry did several things right :) Bless you! Oh, and I love how Emma Grace is just sleeping so peacefully in the first picture.

Ashley said...

So sweet!
I know that our little Emma Grace loves bud & honey's laps of love! She has the best grandparents in the world! :)

The Watsons said...

Yall definitely have 4 of the cutest grandkids ever! Love that last picture of the 3 boys...so precious! Hope yall are doing great!

annalee said...

mmm, mmm, i could just eat them up! i too love all four of those cuties.