A very sweet start to a sweet relationship!

My heart gets warm and my face immediately smiles each time I look at this picture! I love it so much! This was Owen, Clay and Will's first time to hold Baby Emma Grace, the morning after she was born. Is it not the cutest picture ever? I love their expressions! I pray this is the beginning of a very sweet relationship between these cousins. I never really grew up have a cousin that I was super close to. Later in life I have developed a sweet relationship with one of my cousins and his precious wife. But growing up, we saw our cousins maybe once a year. I hope Zach and Ashley have better memories of "cousin time". I pray that these four (and any future grands!) will be close and have lots of fun times together! In a few years, Emma will be old enough to join in on Knight Camp, something her boy cousins already are experiencing. Knight Camp is for all of Bud and Honey's grands. One more way for these little ones to build memories with us and one another!

It was so sweet to witness this first experience as "Knight Cousins" and we look forward to many more fun times with these precious kids! I have been so teary eyed these past few weeks as I watch these sweet grandkids and realize how very blessed we are! God has so richly blessed us, and we are so thankful!


annalee said...

you're not the only one that instantly smiles each time you see that pic! SO ADORABLE!

Lauren said...

Such a sweet treasure Mary Kay!! Seriously, I think that's a framer for sure :) Hope your precious precious Ashley has a wonderful birthday this week. I think she has already received the gift she has waited a lifetime for! Blessings to you all!