Happy Fall Ya'll!!!

I love Fall!!!
I love the cool days!
I love the changing of the leaves!
I love being able to open up the windows and smell the sweetness in the air!
I love baking with pumpkin!
I love Pumpkin Lattes! (Got to enjoy one yesterday with my sweet friend Karen...thanks for the treat!!)
I love decorating with pumpkins! Ashley started collecting pumpkins several years ago and then she started giving me pumpkins too! I have added several through the years and even have two pumpkins that my sweet grandsons have painted for me! So cute! I do believe decorating for fall has become one of my favorites! Maybe because we get to enjoy it for several months AND we have more time to reflect on the blessings surrounding us. We are so blessed! Here are a few pictures of our home...may you have time this fall to stop, reflect, enjoy the season change and hug those you love! Blessings!


Lauren said...

Your fall decor is adorble and beautiful, Mary Kay! I absolutely LOVE Fall as well. I also love all the things you mentioned plus so much more! I too am immeasurably blessed in ways that are way beyond what I deserve :)

karen said...

here's to more pumpkin lattes! hope we can find time to sneak away for more lattes while the weather is this wonderfully deliciously kind of weather!
yay! so glad you posted pictures of your fall decor. i love it!
abundant blessings to you, dear friend!
love, karen

The Watson's said...

I LOVE the fall decor in yalls house! So pretty! And I love that someone else has a great love for pumpkins, too! I collect a few more each year, too, and just want them everywhere. Love it. Thanks for the reminder about fall and our blessings. So true. Sometimes I really need to slow down and count our blessings a little more. Hope yall are well!

Amy said...

hello! i am karen's niece, amy. aunt karen forwarded me the link to see your fall decor- so pretty! it is my favorite season of the year... and your pictures have inspired me to finally get around to decorating! thank you :)