Continuing a Tradition

First I want to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY!!! 27 years ago today, our little family was blessed by your arrival. You have been a complete joy to us every day! We love your generous spirit, your love for family and friends and most importantly your love for God.

To celebrate, I was blessed to be able to drive over and spend the day with you and Emma! We continued a tradition today! You grew up shopping (even though lots of time we just were looking), eating out and spending time together as girls! This tradition was stared and shared with you, me and Nanny (my Mom). We did this a lot! It was kind of our "special tradition". "Girl time" was anytime we got together, but some of the times, we would get up early, drive to Fort Worth, shop all day and then drive home late at night...giggling, eating junk food, singing in the car and talking non-stop all the way back to Abilene. We have so many fond memories of those days!

Today, we started writing our own memories. Oh how we wish Nanny could have been with us, but I have a feeling she was looking upon us and smiling! Smiling that we were continuing the tradition she started! Today, Ashley, Emma Grace and I went shopping, celebrated Ashley's birthday at Cheesecake Factory, Ashley shopped with her birthday money and we TALKED! It was such a sweet day for me, because it brought back so many memories of times we had with Mom, but also the fact that we have started a new chapter in our "memory book"! May we have many many more fun outings together!

Emma Grace did awesome! She mostly slept, which of course allowed her mom and I to have lots of talking time! It was a precious time and hopefully the first of many fun outings we three will share!


annalee said...

so so sweet. what a rich tradition filled with generations of love. happy birthday to your delightful girl!

Ashley said...

what a sweet post & wonderful memories I have of yesterday. thank you again for helping to make my day SO SO wonderful! love you & can't wait for our next shopping day! :)

The Watsons said...

Mary Kay...I am SO glad Ashley linked you on her blog...I don't remember knowing you had a blog, too! YAY! I look forward to catching up on reading your blog...tomorrow! We have the flu over here, so I think being 8 months pregnant means I need MY sleep so that I don't get sick! :) Can't wait to read all about the Knights that we already love so much! :)