We are so blessed!
We are blessed with a loving and gracious Father.
We are blessed with our health, home, free country and good churches.
We are blessed with great children and spouses of our children.
We are blessed with extended families that have loved us and raised us to know God's word.
We are blessed with three precious grandsons whom we pray daily will become great men of God.
We were blessed this weekend to have our family home to visit, eat, laugh, eat, play, eat. 
What a fun weekend we enjoy as we reconnected and caught up "on life". We love you guys and we thank you ALL for being such good Christian examples to us! We are so thankful for the lives you are living!


Ashley said...

We are thankful for you guys too! Love you & thanks for the fun holiday week.

annalee said...

i am THANKFUL i got to see all the knight family members and even get to talk to you some more at church! love you.