Favorite Things Friday-Health, Wellness & Fitness

Wow, I am certainly not an EXPERT on this subject! Ha. I am actually looking forward to what others might suggest, but here is my few new "find". Heard about it on the Today Show and it has really helped me try to stay focused!!! I am NOT a big diet fan. Basically because for me, I know I won't stay on it! Plus, I just think we all need to try our best to eat healthy as much as we can and not beat ourselves up when we splurge. As long as I don't splurge EVERY meal. :) If I have any words of wisdom to the younger generation...take care of your body. I wish so much I had started YEARS ago exercising on a daily basis and eating more things that God created and not all the processed foods. Now, I am just trying to take one day at a time and try my best to make healthier food choices.

LOSE IT - An app for iphone users. It allows you to keep a record of your calorie count, exercise, etc. I don't live by it, but the one thing it has done is show my how quickly I can "eat up" my alloted calories for a day! Yikes. I have tried in the past to keep a journal of my food intake...which I was usually good about doing for about 2 days. :) This does make that process easier and shows you how you have done for the week. Best part: The App is free!!!


Chelsie said...

Checking out that app now. I am with you on the eating stuff- I just try to eat good for me foods.

The Watson's said...

Yay, Mary Kay! :) I have that app, too! And I also have My Fitness Pal, which is also free. And you can update online or on your iPhone, either one, so that is nice. Anyhow, I want to try to get into a regular daily exercise routine, but I am trying to figure out how. :) Jake, Jack and Jolee Kate make me tired. But, your sweet Meg has done it with her 3 so I need to take some notes from her! Ha! Hope yall are well!