Favorite Things Friday-Hair Care

I am doing a lot of experimenting with my hair right now. I got a new cut a few months ago and it can have a straight style or a curly style. When my hairdresser cuts it and styles it...I like it better than any hair style I have EVER had. The only problem is, I am a little flat iron challenged. Actually a LOT. I am not sure exactly what I am doing wrong...all I know is when Jenny fixes it, it looks great, stays cute for two days and I wish she could come by every other morning and fix my hair. :) All of these products come from Sally's.

I like it curly too...that I can do...but that is because it basically does itself! :) So, here are the products my sweet daughter, Ashley, has introduced me to and I love them! Plus I love that Sally's has a buy 2 get one free sale going on right now! :)
For the curly look: I wash my hair and then put some of this in it and leave it till it is almost dry. Beyond the Zone Noodle Head

Then for the curly look still, before it is completely dry, I spritz this in and kind of set it using the blow dryer. Love this product! Beyond the Zone The Scruncher

If and when I do the straight style, I apply this to the roots before blow drying. Beyond the Zone Power Lift


Chelsie said...

I think I might want to try the power lift....

KarenLee said...
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Ashley said...

Practice makes perfect! you can do it!!! :)