Crazy Fun Fast Weekend

David, Ashley and Emma came to town this weekend. It was so wonderful to see them but it was a whirlwind weekend for sure! We had tons of fun but of course as always...just not enough time!!

They arrived late on Friday and then Saturday was busy for them. The morning was filled with them taking Emma to have her 6 month picture taken! That is crazy in itself! How can she already be 6 months old!!! It is flying! Then we kept Emma while David and Ashley had a lunch date! We were very excited about our babysitting job...except for the fact that she slept through all but 30 minutes of it! :) We loved it...I just watched her sleep...which is pretty precious!!

Saturday evening Zach, Meg and the boys joined us for dinner and time to visit! It was fun, the boys of course were so excited that DaDa, Allie and Baby Emma Grace were in town. We had a great evening as a family. I always love to hear all the chattering and playing that happens when we gather!

Sunday was filled with church then a quick bite to eat before they headed home. They had house church to get back for so like I said, it was crazy fun but oh too fast!!! I am sad to say, I didn't get hardly any pictures but here is one of Emma sitting in Bud's lap and one of my favorite things that Emma does...she always crosses her little legs at her ankles! Such a little lady!


Ashley said...

I agree! It was went by way too fast, but as always, we had a great time!
I was sad when I got home & realized that I didn't take a single picture! :(

Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

One of the things that I prayed about before Emma was born is that she would love being girly and also that she would love to be feminine and stylish, just like her precious mommy! Ithink God is already answering those prayers as He is developing and creating her precious little personality. She is a doll!