D-David Whitfield Snow

Another answer to prayers. As with Zach, when Ashley was born we began to pray for her mate and we still marvel at the way God brought David in to our lives! David moved in across the street from us when Ashley was in her senior year of college. He had graduated with A&M and had come to ACU to get his masters. Larry, Zach and David met, became friends, and would often stand out in the front yard and talk about hunting, fishing, etc. Larry once mentioned to Ashley, that she should meet the guy across the street! Little did we know, that a few months later they would meet, start hanging out, running together (yes, David even started running to be in her company!) and then went out on a date right before she graduated. She moved shortly after that to Fort Worth and began teaching, but that didn't stop David. He made LOTS of trips to Fort Worth to take her out and it wasn't long until we realized these two were falling in love. David is a wonderful husband to Ashley and a great addition to this crazy family! He is everything we prayed for in a spouse for Ashley and we couldn't ask for a better son-in-law! Owen and Clay think that Uncle Da-da is so cool! Thank you David for loving our daughter, for encouraging her as she teaches, for helping her in her walk with God, for making her laugh and for giving her such a great and loving second family. (Thank you for even giving Ashley the "jump of her life" when you surprised her with a sky-diving jump as an early wedding gift. Though I think you had two dads that were a little nervous, your bride-to-be was thrilled!)

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