A-Ashley Jo Knight Snow

Ashley, our second child came into our lives on October 6, 1982. We were delighted. It felt perfect, God had blessed us with a son and a daughter. Ashley entered the world with big blue eyes and auburn hair which became auburn curls. From a very young age, she followed her brother around and they quickly became big buddies. Zach was protective and loving with Ashley and she adored him, wanting to do everything he did. So, it was no surprise she asked her brother to perform her wedding.  As a child Ashley loved to work puzzles, read, color and play school. So, again it was no surprise when she decided to become a teacher.  Ashley was always involved in something, from gymnastics to drama lessons. She was our social butterfly from a young age. She loved school and finished her senior year by being the Abilene High Mascot. She entered ACU, with so many dreams and anxious to meet all the new freshman! God was so good to her, blessing her with so many wonderful Christian friends. We were blessed to have them in our home on Sundays for lunch and it was a great way for us to get to know her new friends, the people she played with and more importantly prayed with.  It has been so fun to see this group stay close and connected. During her last semester at ACU, she made the decision to move home. Her roommates had all graduated and since Ashley would be doing her student teaching she wouldn't have a lot of time for a job, so she moved home after working the summer at First Colony Church of Christ in SugarLand as an intern. It was such a sweet time for us! During this time, Ashley met a new neighbor (who her dad and brother had already gotten to know...and improved of!) who had moved in with some college guys across the street from us to work on his Masters at ACU. His name was David Snow and he took her out on their first date in early December. After her graduation from ACU, Ashley and I took an amazing trip to New York City! Those are memories I will NEVER forget, we had such a wonderful time together. After graduation, the trip to NYC and Christmas, Ashley decided though she didn't have a job yet, she would drive over to Fort Worth and see if she could find a little apartment and a job! She had been told by the Fort Worth hiring agent, to be ready because a job would come up. It was so obvious God had a plan. She drove over, found a sweet little garage apartment with a precious landlord and within a few days while we were still moving her in, she got a job and started a few days later! It was a fun and crazy time! She lived by herself and was really enjoying her freedom! David and Ashley continued to talk, David would drive over to take her out and things went from "He is a sweet friend" to falling in love with this guy. We had the pleasure of being in Abilene with David, so we could see very quickly how he felt! By the end of the school year, David proposed and we began to plan a wedding for October. Planning the wedding was such a fun experience, Ashley was such an easy going bride and we had so much fun working on things together. We had prayed for David for a long time, we just had no idea he would move him in across the street from us...pretty convenient! Ashley and David live in the Mansfield area and it has been so fun to watch this sweet couple begin their life together. God has given Ashley so many talents and it is so fun to see her developing those and using so many of them to make a really adorable home for them. She, like her Mom, loves to decorate! 

We really have been so blessed! Our children love God, love their mates and love family time! Ashley and I have always had a great relationship, but it just gets better and better. Now we share recipes, decorating ideas, enjoy making things for our homes, etc. We always laugh at ourselves because we often say the same thing at the same time or we will pick up the very same item when shopping! My mother was my best girlfriend, really. I loved hanging out with her and we never ran out of things to talk about. I feel like Ashley and I have that same kind of relationship. We always have fun and never run out of things to talk about either! We have been so blessed to have several road trips through the years and we love the time it allows us to talk and occasionally we stop talking and bust out singing at the top of our lungs! She has such a sensitive heart, always looks for the good in others and inspires me daily! I can't wait to see her as a mother, because I have a feeling that she will be as good of a Mom as Zach is a dad! She has had so much fun being an aunt to Zach's three little boys and she loves her kids at school, even when they aren't very lovable! I didn't think when I was a young mother that being a mother could be anymore fun that it was...but I have found every age is more and more fun! I am SO thankful to God for giving me the gift of my children. They have been such a delight to my heart and I love them both dearly! 

So, my alphabet started with one child and ended with the other with lots of sweet grandkids and a precious husband sprinkled through the middle. I hope that my ABC's has given you a glimpse into what makes me smile and what delights my heart!


annalee said...

you know i love your "a" too!
and i have thoroughly enjoyed all 26 alphabet posts!

Kayla Hewitt said...

You are too sweet! I almost cried reading this. You have such a precious family, and I know a lot of it is due to your great example. I enjoyed your alphabet!

Brianna Allen said...

You were so creative throughout the entire thing! Thanks for your sweet words of wisdom!

karen said...

your alphabet really does spell out a life well lived. it was such a treate to read your posts. love you! karen