I love the color BLUE, always have and I am guessing I always will. Some of my favorite blues:

BLUE eyes-on my children and grandchildren

BLUE kitchen-I love cooking in it! It makes me smile!

In "Sound of Music" there is a song titled "My Favorite Things". When I was in the sixth grade, I sang a solo of that song for a music program at Lee Elementary. I will never forget my mom made me the cutest "white dress with a BLUE satin sash". 

BLUE clothes- I used to have a lot more, until Ashley pointed out once my closet was full of blue clothes, so I have incorporated some other colors into my wardrobe!

BLUE fiesta ware-though I also love the red and yellow! 

BLUE skies up against Colorado mountains and aspen trees

The list could go on and on, but I will leave one more thing I love that is BLUE...and that would be the good old USA flag!!! 


Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

I like BLUE too,
and oh
how I am BLUE without you.


Love you!