C-Clayton Grant Knight

Our second grandson! What a sweetie! Clayton Grant Knight joined our family on June 12, 2006! What a joyous occasion, though I think all the family will agree quite a busy time! Larry made the decision to go on a 8 week mission trip to Zambia, only to realize that he would be gone when our second grandson was born. It was a hard thing for Larry to be gone, but he was sweetly encouraged by Zach and Meg to go! We were able to send an email to a missionary who then got word to Larry once Clay had entered the world! Clay was around 7 weeks old when Larry saw him for the first time but they had no trouble bonding! Clay is our "snuggle bunny". He is so loving! He loves animals, we think he may be a Vet someday! He has no trouble keeping up with Owen and they are such sweet buddies. He is precious with Will, such a sweet big brother! We love watching the boys interact and also seeing what interests they each are developing. Clay has huge blue eyes that melt my heart! We love you Clay! 

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