I-Ice Cream

Ice cream and I go way back. I can't say it is my favorite dessert, but I will hardly ever resist a bowl when offered. But, my very favorite is HOMEMADE ICE CREAM. I don't know if it is the taste or all the memories attached. I can remember when I was a little girl, my dad making ice cream in our back yard and it was my job to sit on top of the towel which sat on top of the ice so Dad could crank the ice cream, yes, I am telling my age now! We didn't have an electric ice cream maker till I was much older. When Larry and I married, we registered for an ice cream maker, that is how much we love making the special cream! So, I thought I would share one of my favorite recipes. This was given to me by my sister-in-law, Pat, many many years ago. I have to admit through the years, I have tweaked it some but it is creamy and delicious so before it's winter, you might want to crank you out some!
French Vanilla Homemade Ice Cream
2 boxes of Vanilla Junket (usually located in the rock salt, ice cream supplies area)
1 cup sugar
1 carton half and half
1 carton french vanilla liquid Coffeemate creamer
1 pint of whipping cream
5 eggs
Mix eggs, sugar, Junket together and then add half and half, whipping cream and Coffeemate creamer. Pour into canister and then fill to line with milk. Freeze and eat!
(If I am making chocolate, I use the chocolate Junket and subsitute Coffeemate Cream with more 1/2 and 1/2 or Whip cream or use a different flavor coffeemate...be creative!)
Also, when making the vanilla recipe you can also add crushed Butterfinger candy bars, etc. 

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