G-Gingerbread Houses

Traditions are a big thing in our house, especially traditions relating to holidays. Some of our traditions are old, passed down from our grandparents and parents but others have been started by Larry and I for our kids. We started a new one this past Christmas and it was a big hit! We had a Gingerbread house contest between the three couples! I knew it would be fun, but I didn't think about how competitive it would be! Zach and Meg were a team, David and Ashley were a team then Larry and I had some very good help from our two grandsons to complete our team. Meg had found some really great gingerbread kits at Wal-Mart, which not only took a lot of the work out of it but also it started us all with the exact same "blueprint". But from that point on, everyone took it to a completely different level. I have never seen so much creativity at one table! There was a lot of laughter and whispers as we planned and built our houses. I am hearing there are already plans being drawn up in people's minds about their next years houses! Let the games begin!!!

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