Honey...that's me! That's what my grandkids call me. I actually LOVE it. It has been an easy word for them to pronounce. It pretty much melts my heart each time I hear Owen or Clay say it. Zach and Meg picked it out before Owen was born. My only desire was not to be "Granny, Grandmother or Grandma". Nothing wrong with those names, but they just didn't feel right. I like Honey...I love it when I hear a little guy enter our house and a sweet little "Honey, where are you???" Doesn't get much better than that. I love every part of being a grandmother, but reading to them is at the top of my list! Here we are enjoying a few books before bedtime a few weeks ago when we had the pleasure of keeping all three of the boys overnight! What fun!


Ashley said...

I love that picture, Honey!

Hannah said...

They are getting so big!! And you are an adorable Honey!

Kayla Hewitt said...

Awwww...what a sweet post! I loved hearing Owen talk about his "Honey" in Bible class. Miss you, friend!