Fly-fishing! Yahoo! As I write this, we are in Colorado on a camping and fly-fishing trip. I am pretty new at this sport, I have one trip under my waders but Larry is my little "guide, pro and partner" in this adventure! How can you not enjoy a sport that plants you right in the middle of God's amazing country? With mountains, pine trees, aspens and the sound of rushing mountain streams...it has all my senses on overload! I am not sure what it is, but when I am in in this scenery I feel so close to God. He really is an amazing artist and I am loving it! Last year, in July, we came to this same spot and absolutely loved it, so we are back to veg, hike, fish and just have some time together! Except this time we are seeing this beautiful spot in the fall! Do we have to go home? My only wish is that the aspens had hit their prime. We are probably about one week early, so it is hard to leave before they burst into color but I guess we will just have to come back again next year and see if we can catch it! We drove up to Platoro Lake and saw some color, which was breathtaking. I love fall and I love this country. We had great fun today, Larry caught a beautiful brown trout! It was so much fun to watch him snag it. It was a perfect ending to a perfect trip!

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