Girl Weekend in Houston

I have so many wonderful memories of girl trips with my Mom and Ashley. The ones that really stick out were when we got to stay in a hotel! We always had such fun and it was such a huge treat. This past weekend, Ashley, Emma and I took a little trip and started building our own scrapbook of memories. We were headed to Houston to see our dear friends the Sellers and the Smiths. We decided to stay in a hotel and it was not only a treat but so fun to experience it with Emma! Isn't it just so fun to see the world through the eyes of a child!

We were able to do lots of visiting with friends, went to a Children's Museum-which was just a small one in The Woodlands but the perfect size for the kids to run and play and there was hardly anyone there so it made it extra nice! Kade and Emma had such fun! (Even I had fun playing with Emma and putting on a puppet show!)

We ate lots and lots of yummy food, went shopping and got to meet Shelli's newest little one, Kellan. What a sweet baby boy!!!

Shelli and Linda not only had great food cooked for us to enjoy but also took Ashley and I to Tommy Bahama's for a joint birthday lunch, and that place was SOOOO fun!!!

It was pure delight to watch Emma, Paityn and Kade playing so sweetly together. They don't see each other but once a year but they get along so well.

Emma was SO excited to stay in a hotel. She made us laugh so hard as she was so delighted over everything! When we checked in, she loved riding on the cart with the bags
then we got to the room she was so excited about the two beds! She jumped on one and then counted them...one bed and two beds! Then she looked up at Ashley and I and said "three girls...two beds" and then sat down on her bed and said "Emma's bed".
When we got back to the hotel that night, she was just jabbering because she was so excited. When I was putting her PJ's on her, she was standing on the bed, and just kept repeating..."I am just so excited, I am just so excited". It was so priceless! The last morning there, we ate breakfast (which was another complete delight as Emma thought the "free breakfast" was such a "Big Restaurant". Then we let her swim...
then checked out of the hotel and made a couple of quick stops before heading to see one of Ashley's sweet college friends. Chelsie and Steve have a new baby girl and it was so fun to get to meet her. She is adorable and so sweet natured. It so fun for me as a Mom to see these girls I grew to love as they were going through college together, as Mom's and seeing them taking their role so serious! Makes my heart sing! We stopped by a couple of shops on the way out of town and then headed back to Mansfield. Emma crash, poor little girl...she was so tired!
Ashley and I enjoyed some good talk time while driving. I think David was glad to see his girls when we arrived home. I spent the night, just to break up the trip and also because Ashley has asked if I could help her with Emma's three year old pictures. ( I will put some of my favorites at the bottom!) We got up Monday and headed to the park where we got some really sweet shots of our Emma-girl! So fun. Then it was time for Honey to hit the road. It was a wonderful trip and I am so thankful for the relationships God has placed in my life...both family and friends.

Here are a few of MANY favorite pictures we took...she is growing up way too fast!

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Ashley said...

It was so much fun & such a special memory! Hoping for many more to come! :) Love you!