We are getting so excited...so a little sneak peek!

I cannot describe how much Larry and I love "Knight Camp" with our grandkids. We start talking about the next years theme and what we might do about as soon as one is over! This year is another special year because it is so fun when a grandchild is old enough to come...so Emma will join in this year! Plus another exciting thing...we have moved Knight Camp to the Fall. I love the cooler temps and it just seems like "camping weather" to me! We will be heading out in a few weeks so I am super busy planning all our activities...crafts...food! I just had to share with you what my talented daughter designed for us! It is so nice to send her the info and theme and "TA-DA" this is what she created!!!
How cute is this!!! I am gonna give her little business a plug! If you need invitations of any type and either don't have the time, energy or creative juices to make it happen...please consider giving her your business! Here is her blog: Snowbird Design
The little guys have been super sweet about Knight Camp this year. They are always excited but also they have been so sweet about Emma joining in the fun. They were quite concerned that we find Emma a pink tackle box. Isn't that so precious! They all received a tackle box on their first year to Knight Camp and so they are super pumped about Emma getting one too! They have so sweetly told me over and over that they will help her get her worm on her hook, help her pull her fish in and take good care of her. They have no idea how much this warms my heart. One of my greatest desires is for not only my children (Zach, Meg, David and Ashley) to remain close but also for our grandchildren to grow up close and have lots of fun memories to share!
So...hopefully in just a few weeks I will be back on here with some really sweet pictures and funny stories of Knight Camp 2012!!! Yahoo!!!

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