33 years of wonderfulness...

33 years ago today, this little boy entered the world and changed his Mom and Dad's life. We just thought life was good. We had no idea until God blessed us with our firstborn, our son, Zach. Today he turns 33. We have watched him enter the world and literally take it by the tail and live it to the fullest. As a toddler he was all about checking everything out! He was as curious as George! :) He loved to be outside and came in the house each day with pockets brimming with "treasures". He has grown up loving God, loving nature and loving his family. He continues to bring us such joy. Now he is sharing his love for God, nature and family with his own three sons. I love to watch him when he is telling a "story" on one of them...the way his eyes literally light up! The way his voice expresses such love and tenderness when talking about something one or all of those three little "Zach's"has done or said.  We are so blessed to have been given Zach to raise and to now be a part of his life as he and Meg raise their own little family. Today we celebrate all the blessing God has poured out on us as parents. We love you Zach and are so honored to call you son!

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