What was awaiting us at home...

We had such a great trip. Wouldn't give for all the experiences and opportunities. But it's hard to beat what was waiting for us when we arrived back in the States. Ashley, David & Emma pick us up at the airport and then Ashley and Emma brought us home and stayed with us for a few days.
Once we arrived in Abilene, Zach, Meg, Owen, Clay and Will
came over and we all hung out.
We had several opportunities to be together over the next few days including going swimming, playing miniature golf and having lots of cousin playing time!
I love watching these little ones together.
The boys are so sweet with Emma and she loves them!
Here are a few of my favorite shots form our time together!
This girl loves books plus finding an old Mickey Mouse book in Honey's bookshelf...
let's just say we read it a FEW times! :)
Love that smile!

 Every one get on your sunscreen!!
 Look at those cute little guys!

Oh how we love these little ones!

Of course Mickey had to go with us...Mickey likes to play golf too!!!
 Will's turn!
 The boys were very interested in watching how Dad did things!
 Emma with her fancy one hand move!
 My two precious girls!
 Who is that cooool guy....Clay!

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Kim said...

This post is so sweet...I know your family missed you so much while you were gone. I missed knowing you were just across town or a text away if I needed something! ;)

Anyhow, I am still catching up on blogs, so bare with me, but I AM still out here reading. And this one in particular made me smile. I truly just love your entire family. I think that's why I like to act like I am adopted in the family. ;) After all, Z and M and A and I go pretty far back, and EG and JK are close in age and bound to be best buds, and you are a wonderful example to me of a wife, mother, and Honey. I'll let you adopt me for sure! ;)

Love you, MK. You and Bud are blessings. And obviously your family thinks so, too:)